• Wife's parents spoiling our marraige

I have been married for eight months.Now my wife is pregnant. My problem is with the involvement of  my wife's parents in our life. Whenever there is any conflict between me and my wife she immediately calls her parents. Instead of giving the proper guidance they start provoking her and they talk very indecently about me and my family with her on the phone. I even have the audio recordings. I tried to convince my wife not to listen to her parents and also told her parents not to involve in our life as it is ruining our marriage. But she is still doing the same and her parents are not realizing that they are ruining our relationship. It is becoming very uncomfortable for me.

So my question is ...Is there anyway I could legally warn my in laws or my wife so as to stop her parents involvement? Could I warn them I could file a divorce under mental cruelty and if they don't stop? Could I use the audio recordings as a proof for that?
Asked 2 years ago in Family Law from Hyderabad, Telangana
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1) your wife is 8 months pregnant  now

2) she needs her parent support at this stage

3) dont aggravate the issue as it would affect the unborn child

4) let the child be born and after period of year or so visit a family counsellor with your wife to resolve all disputes 

5) dont think of filing for divorce at this stage 

6) audio recordings are admissible in evidence . 

7) wife abuses you and your parents it amounts to mental cruelty
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1. It appears that  your wife and her parents are immature in domestic life,

2. Within 8 months of marriage, when your wife is pregnant, you should have been in seventh cloud and not thinking any thing about divorce,

3. I shall suggest you to bear for some more time till she delivers,

4. Her priorities may change after child birth,

5. Any warning to your wife or parents may aggravate the situation and lead to actual divorce,

6. Please note that divorce is the 2nd most stressful event in one's life,

7. If things become beyond your tolerance, you may inform youe parents in law to stay away from your family life otherwise you may consider divorce to get rid of them. However, it should be the last step.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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No legal action lies against her parents for communicating with their daughter. Even if you apply for injunction and it is granted the fact remains that such restraint orders passed by the courts operate in a very narrow sphere and it is very difficult to prove the violation of such order. You can propose counselling to your wife to iron out your differences. 
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Hi, In legally you have no remedy apart from filling petition for divorce on the ground of mental cruelty.

2. As your marriage is not completed 1 year so you can't file  petition for divorce now you have to wait till completion of 1 year and then only you can able to file divorce petition.
Pradeep Bharathipura
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There is no legal solution to this menace.  This is a common menace in every household these days. Nobody understand the depth of harm they inflict and become reason for debacle of the marriage life.
If you so feel like warning your parents in law, you can send a notice from your side stating they unnecessarily interfere in your married life by misguiding or ill-advising your wife on silly/petty or no issue and if they continue their such unbecoming habits then they may be responsible for all the consequences including the divorce if need be. 
This may contain them or put pressure on them to refrain from indulging in such dangerous and criminal activities, if they dont, then this may be an evidence to you for future legal actions against your wife or atleast to protect you from her criminal onslaughts misusing the women biased laws.
T Kalaiselvan
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