• Rude behaviour of a government school headmistress

Hello All,

This is about a rude behavior  and threat from a Govt. school Headmistress. And i would like to know how to raise this as a Complaint on her to Sr. Educational officer's. And let their Department know what she is doing.

Below comes the issue :- 

We have a farm land in Erode district, Tamilnadu which is close to a Government Elementary School. Where our farm land fence is their School fence as well, which is just few plants and trees are considered as fence. As the school does not have proper Fence. So we were most of the time forced by School Headmistress to cut the Fence into shape as it may go into school premises and we do most of the time. Because considering the Kids in school. This time when i am not at home and my wife and kids were being shouted by the School headmistresses with wrong words that we are supposed to cut and shape the Fence which we did not do it on time. And within a day or two if we to do. She will raise a complaint to Police and she also scolded my 2 year kid playing in front of my house saying that tell your mom to do what i say or she have to pay for it. And you cannot do anything i am government servant. I will complaint that you are not allowing me to do my job and put you guys in Jail. And everyone will support me only as i am asking you to do this only for Kids who are studying in School. 

My wife felt very much hurt because of her Words and disturbed mentally as i am working in a different state and far away from my family. i really dont know why most of the government employees always have this attitude that they are government employed and Public have to bend them for what ever they say.  

Please advice on how to handle this. 

Thanking you in Advance.
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1) your wife should record her threats on her cell phone 

2) send letter to  education officer complaining about the rude and obnoxious behavior of the Principal threatening 2 year old child and your wife . in said letter mention that principal threatened to send your wife to jail if they did not obey her orders . 

3) your wife can also file police complaint of criminal intimidation under section 506 of IPC against the principal
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1. You should file a police complaint for criminal intimidation against this lady and launch her prosecution. If the school does not have a proper fence then it has to construct one.

2. Law makes no distinction between the rights of a govt servant and someone who is not. Filing a complaint to the seniors is not going to produce any desired result as the babus are known to support babus. Penal action can be taken against her only by the court. 
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Hi, you just give a complaint to the Block Education Officer for the behavior of the Head master and also lodge a police complaint against the Head Master as she scolded your wife.
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1. You can send the letter of complaint to the District Commissioner of Schools.
2. Your wife file criminal complaint of threats , criminal intimidation and verbal abuse against the said school mistress.
3. The two steps advised above are enough to rein in the rougue school teacher.
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This type of frustrated employees are commonly prevalent everywhere.  They may be suffering from some personal problem  whereas due to their inability to overcome their weakness that side, they take the opportunity to fight or curse the weak people they come across in their routine life.  This is one such example.
Well the legal recourse for this that :
You may advise your wife to send a complaint directly to the controlling education officer with  copy endorsed to the District Education Officer concerned. narrating the the worst attitude and behavior of the headmistress and also  the threats she poses to  2 years old innocent child, this will draw the attention of the authority to conduct a probe into the obnoxious behavior of the HM/government servant and warn her of the consequence if she is found guilty;
Alternately you can lodge a complaint with the nearest police station against her violent acts and behavior under the provisions for punishment for criminal intimidation (section 506 IPC).
You may also issue a legal notice to the headmistress condemning her unruly behavior with her neighbor and to restrain herself from indulging in such activities in future lest she will be drawn to court of law for proper relief against her and she would be liable for the consequences. 
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1. Your grievance is that the Headmistress misbehaved with our family members for your not trimming the branches planted in your area which goes to the area of the school,

2. Such misbehaviour is very unbecoming of an Headmistress but you have to evidence to construct a cognisable complaint/case against her for which your complaint may not yield expected result against her,

3. However, send your complaint letter to her higher authorities which will at least stall her further misbehaving with yo or uour family,

4. Audio/Video record her such act if she repeats it for lodging police complaint against her,

5. Meantime make sure that the branches of the plants raised in your area stay in your area only.
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1. For he time being just send a complaint letter detailing her misbehaviour on your family members since you do not have any evidence to establish your allegation,

2. Next time fix CCTV and/or try to get her behaviour audio recorded to be used as evidence,

3. After collecting such evidence, proceed legally as advised in my earlier post.
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