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     I have been working as an Engineer in Executive cadre in a reputed central government PSU since December 2011. I was posted as Trainee Engineer in Executive cadre (E2) in Dec'2011 for a period of one year with pay scale of Rs.20600-3%-46500, after one year, post was absorbed  as Engineer with pay scale of Rs. 24900-3%-50500. I am working in the same PSU till today.

From Dec'2011 to Dec'2012 I was in training period. In training period I was posted on-job training. In training also i had been assigned duties, responsibilities and assignments. In the same period i had received salary with basic pay. Rs.20600 and all allowances like DA, HRA, Cafeteria allowance etc. Since joining  I am continuing with this PSU.

Now I have appeared in an interview for another PSU where minimum experience required  is two  year  and  I only qualify  if they consider my training period also in my experience.  

Sir, Please tell me, Is that one year training period will also be considered as Experience for applying any experience based job?

Sir, please reply at the earliest. Please corroborate with anecdotal evidences.
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whether training period if considered as experience does not really alter the status of the person as an employee or as trainee since it depends on what he actually did on the premises of the employer.i.e training or actual job.Thus it is the period where your foundation is laid for your future. You should derive maximum benefit from your training period and try to learn as much as possible and also hone your practical skills so that you are able to show your calibre when you take up a job. Thus surely it is the best experience of your life and thus should be taken into accounting while counting your experience. Considering  such things vary according to the policies of different companies and the rules and regulations set by them. Some companies may only consider your job experience as the real experience and thus will not take your training period into account . But if you think it rationally with logic, then I think every company should also take your training period into account while counting your experience.
Shashidhar S. Sastry
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Purely on training not performing any duty is a separate point which period can not be considered  as experience whereas in your case as  stated , you were  posted on-job training.where you i had been assigned duties, responsibilities and assignments definitely falls under experience of job and was not purely a training.Hence, need to be counted as an experience.
S.P. Srivastava
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Dear Client,As per your submission Dec 2011 to Dec 2012 your training period is going on so that period will not consider as your experiance just because you are tranee and rest will be consider as a experiance.
Anurag Bhatt
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1) it is your case that you were undergoing training from December 2011to December 2012 as Trainee Engineer 

2) after competition of training period you continue to be in employment with same organisation . 

3) the organisation you want to join is insisting on 2 years experience . the issue as to whether your training period would be counted towards experience or not 

4) the recruitment notice generally mentions that training period would not be counted towards experience . 

5) in the event there is no such restriction mentioned in the recruitment notice you can request that your training period be counted towards your experience
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Though posted as a Trainee Engineer, it must have been by virtue of an appointment order.  It also carried pay-scale.  So factually it was a part of service.  

Secondly, as you said, In training also you had been assigned duties, responsibilities and assignments. In the same period you had received salary with basic pay. Rs.20600 and all allowances like DA, HRA, Cafeteria allowance etc.  Thus you were not merely under training, but also were working. 

There does not appear to be any reason for not counting that period for the purposes of experience, unless clearly specified somewhere.

All the best.
Nahush Khubalkar
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1. It depends purely on the decision of the PSU wherein you are applying,

2. Some PSUs accept trainning period as experience, some PSUs do not,

3. If you go by law, any PSU can  refuse to accept trainning period as full fledged working,

4. However, since you were assigned duties as per full fledged employee , you can apply for the post clearly mentioning about your being treated as full fledged employee by your employing PSU,

5. If yur presnt PSU forwards your application, it will mean that it is accepting what you have claimed as your experience in your present post.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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PSU is not bound to accept training period towards experience. The decision in this regard is to be made by the concerned PSU in accordance with its rules. If there is no restriction in the recruitment notice in respect of counting training period towards experience then you can highlight this to the PSU you wish to join.
Ashish Davessar
Advocate, Jaipur
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