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I was in a relationship with a girl.we started as friends n den I proposed her she never said yes but after I proposed her we started coming close she started sharing everything n she even said I won't let us apart.we were working in a private firm we both were not happy with work so we both decided to move to different company n we got selected she asked what date will u give for joining I told her the date n she decided to join with me. On the joining date we went to the new office but couldn't join due to some paper very same day she went to old office to collect her NDC paper next day she said my documents was verified I asked her from whr did u get the call from she didn't reply so I called her once she didn't puck so I waited ..after few hrs I got her text n she said yes tell me I again asked from whr did u get the verification call but she didn't reply I got angry n said I m just asking one thing n y ur not telling me ..she said u called me my dad saw it he said so many things to me, I said have I called multiple times I just called once we had fight ..next day she txtd me bygones r bygones c u in new office..but I was so upset I didn't join new office I was afraid if I c her we will again fight n I don't to make her first day bad. Meanwhile we used to hav basic chats in whatsapp but she said I cnt b with u anymore I tried to make her understand she was not listining so I said ok I vl not msg u but if I join d new comp talk to me once so that v can clear d misunderstandings. Next week I texted her how r u she replied I m fine she asked about me .I asked how is training going she said I m sick so taken leaves.so I said u take care n she said yes u too n I will c u when u join. On my joint date I txtd her how is ur health now ..she replied yes I m fine I m blocking u don't msg me. This hurt me I thought now wht happened to her I was hurt n I txd her dat after everything dat I have done for u this is how u doing when I said sorry to u ..she replied back don't in harassed me .. I was shocked what did I do to harasse her a day before we talked properly n now she is saying I m harassing her.. N she complained to police I talked to police person told him everything he understood .. After few days I talked to her she said that my msg ws going to dad's account den I realised that that's y she wrote don't harassed me so that his dad might think I m harassing her. She even bad mouthed about me in d office...I was going to through a lotof stress I was not able to work people were seeing me as if I m a criminal I discussed the this with manager that I want to go home rit now I m under lot of mental stress but ultimately I left d job coz I thought if I would stay there people will talk about me about her n I don't want that I wanted her to be happy n I left the job. After many days I got her pung in what's app n we had normal chat.after few days we had talk through email n she said I m still d same I don't have ny hard feelings r grudge against u ..after few days I msgd her if she can fwd give me d number of dell hr ..she didn't replied I felt bad n my emotional outburst happen I didn't say ny bad words to her just said never expected u to be so cold hearted n emotiinalless ..I was so heartbroken I transferred the money to her account for the things she has given me and asked her to return my things. She den again filed a wrong complain that I m harassing her by abusive calls truth is I haven't called her in last 10 days ..after few days I msgd her "did u receive the money".  That's all n she again filed harassment.. I m trying to understand what did I harassh her ..I suffered more mental harassment I had to leave my job coz of her n because of all this I have been going through mental stress..pkz help
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1) you have to forget her and move on in life 

2) dont send her any messages or call her 

3) she will police complaint of stalking against you under section 354D of IPC 
Ajay Sethi
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1. This girl had on more than one occasion conveyed to you her intention to not to communicate you, yet you chose to communicate with her. So she filed a complaint for harassment and possibly stalking also. If the FIR has not been registered then just go to the police station to state that you will never attempt to communicate with her again.

2. She has not committed mental harassment.
Ashish Davessar
Advocate, Jaipur
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What advice do you expect from thelawyers here by narrating the day to incidents took place in your life with her?
Do you want to marry her, if so, go to her home ask her parents about it and get their consent, if they  or she is not willing you cannot force them or  her to accept your proposal. 
If she is avoiding you or not liking you anymore, why dont you discard her relationship and look for a better girl as your life partner.  The so called love between you and her is not love but an illusion.  She never loved you nor will she be able to understand  you or adjust and live a married and peaceful life with you hence you may decide and make a call accordingly.
T Kalaiselvan
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Dont bother her any more or you will be behind bars for no fault of yours. Forget her as a bad dream.
Atulay Nehra
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