• Starting a Play School in Noida

Would like to know what's the process to start a Play School in a rented residential property in Noida?
If it's not allowed, what's the alternative to start a play school/Day Care in a residential area? for eg:- multi pupose houses or 5% properties etc.
Do we get any tax rebate if opened in an commercial property?
What all registerations need to be done in order to start a play school in Noida?
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1) you need permission from appropriate authority for starting preschool in noida  . it should be education officer of municipal corporation 

2) if f no prior permission has been taken preschools  would be illegal in residential complex 

3) if it is rented premises you would need permission from the owner of the property 

4) enclose copy of your leave and licence agreement to your application for permission 
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A. Generally residential unit cannot be use for commercial purpose. Hence, make sure that your rental/lease agreement permits it . And make sure that if you live in an apartment, the bye-laws of the apartment association allowed you to run a playschool. As per the law only chartered accountant, yoga teacher and lawyer can carry on their work in residential premises by using 20% of the place. 

B. Get permission from the local tehsildar (a no objection certificate), consisting of 4 forms: Form A, Form B, Form C and Form D. These will be to verify the ability of the owner / founder, fitness of the land for the purpose and safety inspections. This is a long and difficult process, and multiple licenses and procedures have to be complied with. For instance, you can get a Fire Safety certificate only after completing the Fire Safety inspections.

C.Next, you need to make an application to the Directorate of Education in your state, for which you need to show financial capability, create a public trust / charitable institution to run the school with, ensure that the land is in the name of the promoter (you) and maintain a Fixed Deposit in the name of the school as proof of financial strength. After you do this, your school will be recognized by the Government of this State. Starting a school without recognition is inadvisable. (Sources: VakilSearch is India)
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1. In a residential area commercial activities from the residential building is not allowed,

2. You will not get the trade license and registration as per shops and establishment department,

3. First apply for trade license from the Municipal Authority,

4. If received then your problem is over and if not received find out a place in commercial ares,

5. Primarily you need to have trade license, registration form shops and establishment/labour  department, appropriate education board.
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With growing disposable incomes and employment among women, playschools for toddlers are becoming a lucrative business opportunity, especially for young women. Before you startup, you may need to keep a few things in mind about the legal regulations that need to be complied with.
In most of the states across the country, a registration under shops and establishment act is not necessary, however this aspect for NOIDA (UP) may be verified locally.
Provident Fund payments if you have more than 20 employees details of this can be read from http://epfindia.nic.in/Applicability.htm);
Minimum wages need to be paid. The minimum wages for primary schools is ~ Rs. 80 per day, although this will vary from State to State. As long as you pay more than this amount, you will not face any problem;
You can either run the playschool as a franchise of a larger entity or start your own institution.
If you are starting your own institution, it can be done either as a partnership or as a company. It is usually easier to form a partnership, and cheaper and quick to register. Forming a company can take up to 4 weeks, and costs around Rs. 35000.
Most playschools tend to be run from residential areas. If that is the case with you, please make sure that your rental agreement permits it. Also make sure that if you live in an apartment, the bye-laws of the apartment association permit you to run a playschool. This is only to avoid problems in the future. Legally, there seems to be no problem with running a playschool in residential premises. 

 It seems the Noida authority has a law in place where they ban play schools in residential areas. The authority allows play schools to open only in commercial areas and comes out with specific plots earmarked for this purpose. On the face of it this would seem very logical to all. After all the authority is very sensible to allow specific areas for play schools.
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1. You can start the school as a sole proprietorship subject to the laws prevailing in Noida. Unless there is a law which does not permit a play school in a residential area you are at liberty to commence one.

2. You can address a RTI application to the local municipal corporation to ascertain whether it is permitted or not.

3. You do not qualify for tax rebate if you commence it in a commercial property.

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