• Precautionary action to take if mentally ill wife commits suicide

Hi, I had got married in feb 2011 through arrange marriage process and have a 1 one year old kid. My wife is having psychiatric problems for last 2 years such as extremely hyperanger and is under medication from a registered psychiatrist for last 6-7 months. She has had these kind of extreme behavioural problems before marriage too and it came out to us post marriage, however I think I would not be able to prove that as her family will not testify to that. In fact, as per best of my knowledge her mother had put herself on fire in past and has got severe burn marks.
I live in Mumbai and the doctor is in my native town as treatment had started there and we continued it with the same doctor. I have been trying to resolve our problems through all possible manners and have taken all sorts of steps as per my common sense.
Now my wife’s behavior has become intolerable and risky for my family, she has stopped taking medications for last few months and has been threatening to commit suicide herself and kill our son.
I want your advice on two things- 
•	First: if in case she does something to herself and kid, what precautionary steps I should take to safeguard myself and my family from any legal action from her family such as inducing suicide or post marital dowry demands (I am afraid that her family could put such false allegations).

•	Second: what steps should I take to make her take medications or treatment for this issue (doctor has said that without medication the case will go out of our hands). Can something extreme like taking help from an asylum would help? Because I think we would not be able to give her medication without getting physical and which I certainly don’t want.

Lastly my younger brother (28 years) is living with me for last 10 months, shall I make him shift to some other place? As in case of any legal issue, he may be persecuted along with my parents who live in my hometown. And by living separate he won’t be persecuted and could help us with legal formalities in case of I get incarcerated.
A quick reply would help a lot, as yesternight she tried to choke our son and I am afraid that she might do something fatal to either herself or to son very soon.
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1) file police complaint against your wife in local police station that your wife tried to kill your son . 

2) gather all medical evidence you need regarding her mental disorder . 

3) ask your brother to shift out from your residence . 

4) consult some psychiatrist in mumbai too for second opinion as to her mental condition . 

5) send letters to her parents by regd post AD to come immediatedly so that your wife takes her medication . 

6) you can also send email to them . it will come in handy in case of any suicide attempts by your wife
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Dear Querist
as per your information she is a patient and if your version is true and she threaten to commit suicide and kill her son then you should send some information cum complaint to Higher Authority as NCW/NHRC/Commissioner of Police or SSP of your area regarding all these apprehensions.
in future if some thing happen as per your apprehension then these information cum complaint will help you and your family for false implication.
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Call your in-laws immediately through registered post and keep a copy of the letter with you. Tell them to stay with you permanently as your wife is unable to look after your son. File a police complain against your wife alleging her intention to kill your son and take a copy of that. In the mean time you shift your brother to some other place. Consult a psychiatrist in Mumbai and if need be they might advice to shift her to some mental asylum. Do not ever leave her alone or with your son and take help from your in-laws. Don't worry about your parents, nothing can happen to them. If your in-laws can not stay here, shift your wife to their place instead.
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1. Immediately contact your nearest asylum who has got the arrangement to forcibly take such unruly patients to their shelter,

2. Get her treated first since your kid's future is dependant on her wel being,

3. You may file a police complaint also detailing about her attempt to harm your son since she is mentally ill,

4. Your prime object should be to get your wife treated.
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