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I have been asked by my father in law to give him a written letter of responsibility of taking care of her daughter so that in future she is not mistreated. The letter will be treated as legal document that will be given to authority in case she is mistreated.

I have agreed to do so but I have decided to not sign my original sign but change my signature will this have any effect on that document.
Asked 3 years ago in Family Law from United Arab Emirates
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Even without a letter your father in law can take necessary legal action if you indulge in the activities attracting offences or crime against women.  
This Type of action to obtain a letter  assuring of good behavior with his daughter is to put psychological pressure on you so that you do not torture his daughter.  This Document may not be a vital admissible evidence even if you put your original signatures.  Hence there is nothing to worry.
T Kalaiselvan
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Hi sir/madam, written letter of responsibility is one of the binding each together between you and your father in law in respect of taking care of your wife as well as daughter of your father in law. You have to sign on the said document original if you are confidence on you. why change the signature. You have face it. You don't worry, please proceed it. In case of change your signature or difference of signatures is one type of the lead to multiple proceedings in litigation. You think sir in twice.  
C. V. Jadhav
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Even without signing the document you are legally required to take care of your wife. The letter your father in law is asking you to sigh is for his sanctification. sighing or not signing that letter of commitment to look after your wife does't make any difference.

It is not advisable and legal to alter the sign.       
Sandeep Hegde
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1) it is not necessary to give any such letter 

2)as husband you are responsible to take care of your wife and in case she is ill treated your wife has the liberty to take legal proceedings against you 

3) wife can file complaint under section 498A for acts of cruelty against you 

4) in addition she can file complaint of domestic violence against you 

5)even if you sign differently it would be  binding upon you 
Ajay Sethi
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1. This is very unusual proposal,

2. In normal course of action you are not supposed to mistreat anybody leave apart your wife,

3. Should you ever mistreat anybody, you will be subjected to be punished depending on the level and degree of your mistreatment, if proved before the Court,

4. You are not required to give in writing that you will not mistreat your wife and if you mistreat, you will be punished even without any such agreement,

5.  Please note that even if you change the style of your signature or sign with your left hand, the forensic test will be able to establish that it is actually your signature,

6. Only way out in this case for you is not to mistreat your wife.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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1. If you give him the letter you will incur the liability to take care of his daughter. Your failure to honour the promise will be actionable through a lawsuit for damages by him.

2. If you change your signature you may be prosecuted for cheating. Either do not give the letter sought by him, or put your correct signature thereon.
Ashish Davessar
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