• Caste discrimination by in-laws

i got married 2 years back. it was an arranged marriage. Husband is from higher caste(hindu maratha) whereas i belong to sc. My sister in law also had intercaste marriage her husband is brahmin
my father in law had taken the initiative and conviced my parents for this marriage when they were against it. but mmidiately after marriage i started perceiving change in their behaviour.
they always talk something on caste, or about my sister-in-law's husband; and try to make me feel inferior.
i am a doctor, working, even then they do not respect me or my profession and try to treat me inferior to everybody... for example make me cook esp for sis in laws husband, suggest me to wash cloths by hands, neglect if i need anything or do not allow me to go to shop even etc.
In family discussions they dont include me, if i say or suggest anything they neglect and if i insist they insult.
father in law looks after all expenses for sister in law, even has bought 3 flats for her,
but made us bear our expenses on our own even when we stayed with them.
mother in law refused to take care of my child saying she has to look after sis-in laws kids. 

we moved out. i called my parents. but all the three started manipulating my husband, who started getting upset with every this n that. started insulting my parents. father in law did not stop here, he started to give surprise visits and taunting my parents.

they buy everything for sis in laws kids but not a single thing for ours. n says to me that i m capable to buy on my own.

and all this they do with a very sweet tongue. if i complain they would say its a fault of my perception. but i know its not so.
husband also supports their behaviour. gets annoyed with me if i ask for anything, if i point out that he does not take/ share any responsibility.
sometimes he threats me that he will kill me. he beat me hurting my hands 3 days back
i have been asking for divorce. but he is refusing

all they want is i should look after the household and also the expenses including my sis in law's; and stay inferior. I dont know what to do cause this is unbearable. I thought of commitiing suicide once. But for my parents and baby i turned back..

please help.
Asked 3 years ago in Family Law from Pune, Maharashtra
Religion: Hindu
Well, I do not think this relationship is anymore fit for you to proceed further.
In that event you can file case of harassment and torture u/s 498A, 406 IPC. Since caste aspersion was there, you can file complaint under SC.ST ( Prevention) Atrocities Act. If this act is applied then they would not get bail easily.
Then file suit for divorce.
Devajyoti Barman
Advocate, Kolkata
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1)  there is no future in your relationship . 

2) file for divorce on grounds of mental cruelty

3) you are doctor and highly qualified   and can stand on your feet without support of your husband and in laws .

4) also seek custody of your child 

5) you can file police complaint against your husband and in laws under section 498A of IPC if you  so desire 
Ajay Sethi
Advocate, Mumbai
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Dear Querist
This is domestic violence and you may be file a complaint before magistrate under section 12 of protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act-2005 and claim protection and compensation along with another  reliefs.

you may contact personally or over the phone
Nadeem Qureshi
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1. Since you want divorce which your husband has refused you may unilaterally file for divorce on the basis of cruelty which you have suffered at his hands. 

2. You may also file a case for domestic violence to claim heavy compensation for the torture you have suffered. In addition to this, you can also claim alimony for yourself.

3. You are also free to prosecute your husband and in-laws for intimidation and assault.
Ashish Davessar
Advocate, Jaipur
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These are trivial and domestic issues.  What is the solution you expect for this?, you have not mentioned the relief sought for the said problem.  
If you initiate legal action namely a complaint under the provisions of protection of women from domestic violence act, the low profile domestic issues will get flared up and will blow out of proportion or beyond retrieve.  No doubt you can make a complaint against your husband, your father in law, your mother in law and your sister in law too for the said acts of violence against you and also can seek for protection as well as residential rights through the same complaint, but this will certainly jeopardize the smooth sailing of your marital voyage.  Once the law interferes in your married life he other consequences will follow as incidents or undesired events due to which both the sides will be losing happiness and mental peace for ever until the problems are solved by compromise which will take years. 
There are remedies in law for all problems but it should be after analysing  of pros and cons and all decisions taken in a hurry or rushed up will end in trauma or misery requiring to pay a heavy price.
Think properly and take wise decision before it is too late.
T Kalaiselvan
Advocate, Vellore
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You may start staying separately may be with your parents for time being and then re- think for divorce. If your husband and his family is torturing you, inflicting trauma to the extent that you are getting suicidal thoughts then you can later file for divorce and refuse firmly to stay with your husband and his family. Only if you are safe then only you can take care of you baby. But you need to be firm so before that think with a cool mind. Your safety is important so keep in mind. Since your husband is not agreeing you will have to fight for divorce. May be at a later stage he agrees to give you divorce. 


Adv. Payal. 
Payal Arora
Advocate, Pune
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