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I was booked for drunk driving few weeks back. And when I showed up at Rohini court today, the magistrate told me that I need to hire a lawyer since the alcohol content found was far more than acceptable limits and I could even face jail term.
I told her that this was a mistake and I have never been booked in the past and promised that I shall never do this again. But she strongly advised me to find a lawyer and assigned a hearing on June 25.

What do I need to do now? I know I committed a mistake and now I need to get out of this. What will be the lawyer fee? And how many hearings will this take?

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1) Hire a lawyer locally. The fee depends on the lawyer.

2) The number of hearing depends on whether you plead guilty or you refuse to plead guilty. If you plead guilty you may be asked to pay a fine anywhere between 2000/_ to Rs 10000/-and undergo a jail term up to 3 years.

3) If you don't please guilty there will be a trial. You will need to apply for bail. The hearings can be many and the case can drag on for quite long.
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Dear Querist
you should contact a lawyer and fight the case on merit.

the fine is upto 50,000/- with imprisonment.

it will be better to contact a lawyer and collect all the file documents and fight the case on merit.

the lawyer's fee is depend on the lawyer.
Nadeem Qureshi
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1. Firstly it may be profitable for you to know that lawyers are engaged and not hired. 

2. A criminal charge has been made against you, so you have to defend yourself in the court.

3. If you were under the influence of liquor at the time of driving then you may get a long jail term.

4. The fee of the lawyer can be disclosed by the concerned lawyer alone when you inquire from him. 

5. It may take up to 10 hearings. 
Ashish Davessar
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It is advisable to engage a lawyer and approach the court. If you intend to plead guilty, then bargain for the fine to be imposed on you however there are chances that you may face jail term. Hence your lawyer would have to argue for no jail term. 

The fees of any lawyer is exclusive to him and no body but th lawyer himself can tell you. There could be more than 10-15 hearing in your case if the case is decided on merits.
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1. If you admit that you had done the crime, hen you will be punished a per the law,

2. The Nagistrate was sympathetic on you for which shhe told you to get a lawyer otherwise you may face punishment as prescribed in the ct,

3. Lwyer's fee varies from place to place and lawyer to lawyer and he duration can not be foretold.It may take 2 to 10  hearings,

4. Engage a local lawyer having expertise in this field.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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