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1)  the format of each agreement would depend upon facts of each case .

2) we dont provide any ready made drafts . you have to engage a local lawyer . he will do the needful .
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This agreement of tenancy is made and executed at Ghaziabad on this 1st day of April’2014


		Door No:XXXXX,
		Street: XXXXXXX, 
		Area: XXXXXXX, 
		City and State:XXXXXXX  PIN:

Hereinafter referred to as the “LESSOR” (Owner) /First Party of the ONE PART:

		Tenant/second party

		Door No:XXXXX,
		Street: XXXXXXX, 
		Area: XXXXXXX, 
		City and State:XXXXXXX  PIN:

Hereinafter referred to as the “LESSEE” (Tenant) /Second Partyof the OTHER PART.

Whereas the first party is the absolute  owner of the House, consisting of  one hall, one kitchen, one bedrooms  and bathroom  & with electricity  and water facility situated at Door No:XXXXX, Street: XXXXXXX, Area: XXXXXXX, City and State:XXXXXXX  and  the owner has decided to let out the same to the said tenant under the following terms and conditions.


1)	This rental agreement  is for a period of 11  months  with effect from 1st   April 2014.
2)	The LESSEE has paid a sum of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) towards security deposit to the LESSOR. The security deposit shall not carry any interest and shall be refunded back to the LESSEE at the time of vacating the scheduled premises after deducting any arrears in rent, electricity bills, breakages, cleaning and painting charges.
3)	The LESSEE further agrees to pay a monthly rent of Rs. 7,500/- (Rupees Seven Thousand Five Hundred only). The rent  for each month shall be paid on  or before 5th of every  month (after completion of the month) 
4)	In case the LESSEE wants to vacate the premises before the period  available  to them,  they should give one month notice, in writing, or one month  rent in lieu of the notice period. The LESSOR also shall give one month notice to the LESSEE for terminating the Lease period.
5)	The LESSOR and LESSEE on mutual agreement can renew this LEASE for a further period of 11 month. In such event the LESSEE shall pay and enhance the rent by 10% upon renewal of this agreement.
6)	The LESSEE shall not have any right to claim deduction of rent from the security deposit amount. On the other hand the LESSEE shall keep paying the rent as agreed.
7)	If the LESSEE commits any default to pay the  rent regularly on due dates or commit any default to observe or perform any of the  terms  here to agreed,  the LESSOR  hereby  reserves the right to terminate the  LEASE hereto granted  and take over possession of the schedule premises.
8)	The LESSEE shall bear and pay the electricity consumed to the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited as per their monthly bill and pass on the copy of the bill along with the payment receipt to the LESSOR. Water charges will be in shared basis.
9)	The LESSEE agrees not to sub-let or under-let the schedule premises in whole or part to any third person/party. 
10)	The LESSEE shall keep  and maintain  the schedule premises  clean and in good  condition  if any damage shall be borne  by the LESSEE
11)	At the time of vacating the schedule premises, half month rent will be deducted towards painting charges of the scheduled premises.
12)	The LESSOR shall have the right to terminate the tenancy if the LESSEE fails to pay the rents regularly for a consecutive period of two months or commits breach of any of the terms herein and take possession of the scheduled premises.
10. List of Fittings and Fixtures available in the premises

	Ceiling Fans 		: 2 Nos.
Tube Light  		: 1 No.
CFL Bulb                    : 2 Nos.
Lights			: 2 Nos.	

In witness where of the LESSOR and the LESSEE have signed the deed of rental agreement on the day month and year above written

Mr. XXXXX                  		        	            Mr. XXXXXXXXXX
LESSOR (OWNER)				             LESSEE (TENANT)


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We do not provide ready made drafts here. Avail the professional services of a lawyer for doing the needful.
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