• Fraud on name of love

Before 2 years i met a girl who was then classmate of one of my friends studying in college of commerce, patna. On the very first day she seemed to be interested in friendship with me. So we exchanged our numbers and started talking regularly on phone. Very soon she proposed me and i accepted. Then she started demanding expensive gifts which i fullfilled because i seriously fall in love with her and could not understand her intention. After three months she suddenly stopped talking to me and whenever i tried to call her, she was found busy talking to somene else. She blacklisted my bumber. One day i call her from other number. She recieved the call and told me to forget her as she is going to marry someone else on her parents will. I knew that this is nothing more than a execuse. But couldn'd do anything. She changed all her numbers. After a deppression of more than two months i started moving on. So as the time passes i forgot her. 
 But before few months( in may) i got a call from her. She told me that the story of her marriage was fake one and the truth was something else which she doesn't want to disclose because something very horrible happened with her and she is left all alone and wants a fresh start with me once again. As i am very emotional and kind nature i accepted it and became very happpy. After few days she again started demanding jewellery and cash from me. I bought jewellery for 80k almost. And 15 k cash and only 8k in a canara bank account, which was not her accoun(She always denied taking money in her account). One day she demanded a new ear ring ( she was very fond of jewellery)and i realized that she is talking to me only for monetary benifits only. So i denied and told her that right now i can't give you because i don't have that much amount of money. One day later she came to meet me on breakfast( i was staying in hotel). I was a bit deppresed because till that time i felt that i made a mistake. She noticed it and started thinking something. Suddenly she took my phone and deleted all her numbers from my phone. I asked why you did this. Then she told we should stop it now and left. By that time i was sure that she is professional in this field. I had backup of her numbers in onother phone so i called her. But she responded in a way that nothing happens. I told her why you did this to me.please return my jewellery and money then she told " agar lautana hi hota to leti hi kyun. Bhul jao. " i said i ll complain in police against it. Then she told " ladkiyon ka kuchh nhi hota police case se". Jo bhi karna hai kar lo". very soon she closed all her previos numbers and i remained in depression once again 
( but this time not for love , only for monetary loss of about 1.4 lacs). 
Note: i didnt have physical relation with her ( i mentioned it because everyone asks this question when someone come to know about it)

So please suggest me is there any legal way to punish these type of people.
Asked 4 years ago in Criminal Law
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1 Well. you should have realised your folly much before when she was demanding one article after another.

2 Now when you have already committed mistake then there is no point repenting it.

3. In this situation you have two options - go to the police station and lodge a complaint of cheating. Since you willingly gifted those articles no criminal case will lie and on the contrary she may lodge false complaint of sex on promise of marriage.

4. So I would advise you to forget this chapter, severe all communications with her and move on life taking this as a bad dream.

Devajyoti Barman
Advocate, Kolkata
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You have not given money , jewellery to your girl friend as loan

2) you gave it to her out of love and affection

3) she never agreed to marry you

4) your best option is to forget her and move in in life

Ajay Sethi
Advocate, Mumbai
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Sir file a case of cheating and breach of trust though the things were given by you with your own consent but she cheated you take the monetary benefits so a complaint of cheating and fraud can be filed disclosing all the details with the police.

Shubham Jhajharia
Advocate, Ahmedabad
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Hi, it is advisable to make a police complaint ..You can tell police that as a friend she borrowed jewellery from you for a function , and now she is refusing to return the Same

Hemant Chaudhary
Advocate, Gurgaon
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Is there any document from which you will establish that you had any relation with that girl ? Is there any document of moneytary trasanction between you both then you can take legal action against the girl .

Mohammed Mujeeb
Advocate, Hyderabad
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It is great that you were not having any physical relation, otherwise she could have further blackmailed you.

In my advise and in he light of facts told by you, I would advise you to lodge a police complaint against her for cheating and fraud.

I hope the police will take action, if police refuses to take action then lodge a complaint before the magistrate.


Anilesh Tewari
Advocate, New Delhi
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1. You have gifted the said articles to her of your own will.

2. There is no case, criminal or otherwise, which can be registered against her in the given circumstances.

3. it will be prudent on your part not to accept her friendship offer again, if she further approached you, in your own interest.

Krishna Kishore Ganguly
Advocate, Kolkata
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If she is a professional, you need to report this matter to the Police so that a case is registered against her and she is punished.

If you do not want to take the pain of going to the Police, take your chance by sending her a legal notice calling upon her to return all your belongings.

Vibhanshu Srivastava
Advocate, New Delhi
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You can give a complaint against her in the local police station for the crime of cheating you and extorting money in the name of love and marriage.

You should have the details of the money transferred to her account (to the account she had mentioned) and produce them to support your complaint.

No other action can be initiated against her except for booking her for the crimes of cheating and breach of trust.

T Kalaiselvan
Advocate, Vellore
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