• Correction in my matriculation date of birth as per my birth certificate

Sir, I have passed my Matriculation Exam in 1984 and when I received my DOB certificate from State Education Board it was wrong compared to my actual date of birth recorded in class first in the same school. I approached the Head master of the School within three month from the issue of said certificate and requested him to get my DOB corrected but he refused to extend any help. Then I written various ordinary letter to him but in vain. In 2000 I written him Regd. Letter but he not replied. I have the copy of the same along with Postal receipt. In 2007 I approached the District Chief Education Officer with a request letter along with an Affidavit but in vain. Then I filed an RTI for getting the entire record of my DOB right from class first to class 9th. The School authorities replied with the certified copies of my Admission Register and withdrawal Registers of lower class, Primary Class, Middle Class and Higher standard. In my Higher standard school mentioned my DOB as 12.04.1966 instead of my actual DOC as 26.01.1968. this is due to oversight as mentioned by them. I again approached the State Board but they replied that the case is time barred as per Board's Notification of 2009. As per my Birth Certificate my DOB is 26.01.1968 and I had been approaching to school HM well before 2009 but none of them taken the initiative to get my DOB corrected. Please advise judicially whether my DOB can be corrected at this time on the basis of my Birth Certificate and school record upto 8th standard it accurate. If possible please advise me a good lawyer of Jammu High Court in this regard at the earliest. Thanks
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You have to file writ petition in HC to direct board to correct your date of birth in school certificate based on your birth certificate

You should get orders in your favour

Don’t know any lawyer practising in Jammu HC

Ajay Sethi
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Hi, you can file a WRIT in high court for seeking relief ..

Hemant Chaudhary
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You need to file writ petition in high court

to direct board to correct your date of birth in school certificate based on your birth certificate

Dimple Jain
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1. You shall have to execuyte an affidavit before a 1st class Judicial Magistrate affirming that your date of birth recorded in your birth certificate and also class one shool record haa been wrongly mentioned in your Matriculation Certificate which is required to be corrected and fresh certificate is to be issued by the Matriculation Board mentioning your correct date of birth being 26.1.1968.

2. You shall have to thereafter send copy of the said affidavit to the Matriculation Board seeking issuance of a fresh cerificate mentioning your correct date of birth.

3. The date of borth mentioned in the said affidavit affirmed by you shall be considered as your actual date of birth even if the Matriculation Board takes time in issuing the certificate afresh.

Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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Sir file a writ petition before the high court for the direction board to change the birth date and reissue the certificate you can search for a good high court Advocate practising before your jurisdictional high court,

Shubham Jhajharia
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you can file a civil suit against the said board and pray for passing of an order directing the said authorities to make the said correction and issue the corrected certificate to you within a period of ............... Days from the date of the said order. This will not consume much time and a duty will be casted on the board to correct and deliver the corrected certificate to you within the stipulated time period or face proceedings of contempt of court. The said suit is a simple one and you need not hire a senior lawyer for the same.Even a fresher lawyer can represent you and get you relief and his charges ought to be within your reach .

Mohammed Mujeeb
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Dear Sir,

Please be kindly read the following information:

change of date of birth

To legally change your birth date, you must petition the court and provide compelling evidence that the data listed on the current birth certificate is incorrect. Judges are reluctant to grant orders to amend birth dates, particularly if you believe the listed birthday is off by less than one year.

Obtain proof that the date of birth listed is incorrect. If the date of birth is listed incorrectly due to a typographical or clerical error, obtain written evidence of the correct birthday. In these circumstances, hospital records, along with a notarized affidavit from a doctor or hospital administrator verifying their authenticity, should be sufficient to obtain a change in birth date.

Establish the correct birth date with medical evidence. In many instances of children adopted overseas, birth records are inaccurate and based on estimations made by the orphanage staff. If you believe that your child’s birth date is incorrect, consult a pediatrician and pediatric dentist to help you determine your child’s actual age. Ask the medical professionals to prepare sworn affidavits attesting to your child’s actual date of birth.

Petition the court for a change of date of birth. Once you have written evidence, prepare a Motion for Change of Date of Birth, and file it with the clerk of the court. Your motion should contain a summary of your evidence and reasons for requesting the change of date of birth. Be sure to attach original copies of all your medical evidence and other supporting paperwork.

Go before a judge and make your case. You will be given a hearing so that the

judge can determine the merits of your case.

Forward the signed change of date of birth order to the state department of vital records and request a new birth certificate. Once the judge signs the order authorizing a change of birth date, you or your attorney will be responsible for forwarding it to the vital records department. The state will then be able to issue a new birth certificate, reflecting the amended date of birth.

Use the new birth certificate to change data with the Social Security Administration. As a final step, you will need to contact your local Social Security office and request that the date of birth be changed in its system

A birth certificate is one of the most important documents ensuring identity of a person. Due to some unfortunate miscommunication or error, there may be a chance that incorrect date of birth is recorded in the birth certificate. In such a situation, a letter of request needs to be communicated to the concerned department for correction of date of birth in a birth certificate.

Write a letter for correction of date of birth in a birth certificate

A birth certificate is one of the most important documents ensuring identity of a person. Due to some unfortunate miscommunication or error, there may be a chance that incorrect date of birth is recorded in the birth certificate. In such a situation, a letter of request needs to be communicated to the concerned department for correction of date of birth in a birth certificate. Basic information regarding the issue can be obtained from the department along with details of the authorized person dealing with it. This is a simple request letter for making any correction of date of birth in a birth certificate. The article addresses the question of properly presenting the request to the concerned person. The letter may be modified according to the situation and preference.

To Whom It May Concern

Department Name

Department Address

Subject: Request letter for correction in birth certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would humbly like to bring to your notice that that there has an error in the date of birth of my son’s name in the birth certificate issued from your department. I had received the certificate on [Date] and would want to correct it urgently.

Here are the details of my daughter for convenience:




Father Name:

Mother Name:

Place of birth:

The details of the error:

Correct Date of Birth:

Incorrect Date of Birth:

I am hereby attaching all the necessary documents for official purpose. I will be highly obliged if look into the matter urgently. In case, any other clarification is required, I can be contacted at [mobile number] or by email [email address].

This is for your kind information and necessary action.

Yours faithfully,

Your Name

Your Address

Your Contact Number




Copy of Photo ID

Copy of birth certificate

Netravathi Kalaskar
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Sir it is not possible to get any change now.

It has been more than 30 years since you passed the Matriculation Exam.

The case is highly time barred.

You should have approach the court at that time only.


Anilesh Tewari
Advocate, New Delhi
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You can file a suit to declare your correct date of birth and a direction to the concerned authorities to rectify the error in the educational certificates.

All the efforts you had taken in the past in this regard including your letters shall be a strong evidence to fight it out legally.

T Kalaiselvan
Advocate, Vellore
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Take a chance and approach the Jammu and Kashmir High Court and seek directions in a writ of mandamus.

Vibhanshu Srivastava
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