• Wrong act on the part of electricity officials Allahabad

Since I am confused about the way I must go about this , am posting my question for advice.

Wrong act on the part of Electricity Officials- Allahabad: 

My parents[Senior Citizen] are not much educated & economically not very strong and are staying in Allahabad.

My parents are living in a small old premises of 2  rented rooms in Allahabad.Our electricity bill was pending since long bec of my parents inability to pay the bills which kept on acculumating in form of penalties & surcharges since 2005

Most recently, i [living in Ahmedabad Gujarat]saved some amount from my earnings and wanted to get the bill settled which was about 1.5 lac.

My parents approached the JE & SDO , communicated our economic status and requested for help. They bluntly told them "1lac lagega"

They told them that we can max manage to pay 70000.on which SDO told "90000 se kuch kam nhi hoga" and this kept on for quite some time.

Finally, my parents got a apparently good (JE)person in the different area who got the things done for us in 70000/-. He told us that this connection will be settled and new connection will be issued after sometime.

my father did as he asked them. They deposited 70000/- and after sometime they surprisingly got a PD receipt of final settlement of somewhat 12000/-. He told them that this is settled and the rest amount has been appropriated to the officials for the settlement.

We didnt understood this but got releived that the finally we paid the dues and no amount stands at either part since this took so long and my parents are also not doing well with their health.

After a week we went ahead in applying for a new connection in FEB 2014 and the result was that the officers [SDO & JE of our area]started with the bribe amount of 20000/- for new connection as they told my parents that they were not given any amount from the previously settled bill.So, if they wanted new connection, they need to give 20000/-cash. Everytime he used to ask for bribe on repeated requests form our side which continued for 20days. 

Finally my parents approached a MP to get the things going who also asked the SDO to get the things going and explaining to him our poor financial and health condition.

On this he made a visit at our premises and asked us again to pay 20000/- or face theft charges as our previous connection got settled.
he left the home asking us to visit his office.
All this happened in between 1-15 feb.From that day my parents were living without electricity in our house.

When again we approached the MP, and his subsequent questioning the SDO, the SDO made a fake report dated 28th Feb 2014 in his office without actually visit the location- of theft of electricity and also of the earlier dues of 1.8lac [PD receipt shown] which he says he will not accept being settled as this doesnt bears his signatures.  

He made that Fake report of theft and lodged an FIR in the police station stating that after disconnection, still illegal line was found and was refused to show the meter which as per his view was present inside the premises of the consumer. Also, that the consumer refused to take the notice which was pasted in his premises . All this was fake.

He even sent a notice through registered post.

I am living since last 6 years out of home.Bec of job i cannot go everytime to allahabad for getting my time wasted for such cheap officials asking bribes at every nook and corner from people who even cant afford basic amenities.

Pls suggest me what shall i do?
My poor parents may not be in a position to fight legal battles nor do they have such good health. They are totally dependent upon me and I am employed in Gujarat.

Everyone asks for bribes and we just wanted a settlement.Settlement scheme was launched in late Jan while we approached these cheaters in Dec and paid what we could.

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since FIR is registered ,now he can not do any thing and now investigating officer will come and do the necessary investigation .and file charge sheet in the electricity court of your area.now what you can do is try to take IO of the case under your confidence by offering some thing to him,he can make a favorable report which will help you.
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you can contact Mr Siddhrath Mishra   advocate from kaanoon. com as he is from Allahabad . he can guide you in this matter . since FIR has been lodged you have to contest case on merits . your father stamen would be recorded . he has to deny the allegations made in FIR
Ajay Sethi
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I strongly recommend you to meet Mr.Siddhartha Mishra who practices in Allahabad High Court and show him the FIR so that he may acquaint you with the further legal recourse.
Ashish Davessar
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