• Can a resident of Bihar get liquor licence in Gujarat

I live in Mumbai and has diving licence of Bihar, I submitted driving licence for getting liquor licence in Gujarat. After Submitting all the documents like my driving licence , Stay proof at Hotel, age proof and proof of travel, I got the liquor licence after paying the licence fees. 
when i visited the liquor shop the concerned person were denying to sale me liquor saying that people  from Bihar will not be sold liquor. after lot of argument they gave me the liquor. 
but i wanted to know following 

Can state of Gujarat has any right not to issue liquor licence to Bihar resident ( however they issued online ) 

as I understand selling, consumption is not allowed in Bihar but is there any rule where bihar resident are not allowed to drink and get licence like Gujarat state
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There is no such rule that has been laid down anywhere, that a person belonging to Bihar can not drink and get licence in other state. 
However, Liquor is a state subject and they can with a reasonable reason deny license to anyone not only just to person belonging to Gujrat. 

Anilesh Tewari
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Any outsider visiting Gujarat can buy liquor from the authorised liquor shops by showing his/her travel tickets and residence proof. 

2) An outsider can get one liquor bottle or 750 ml in a week or 10 beer cans per week for a period of four week

3) no such rebuke restraining Bihar residents from drinking alcohol in Gujarat 
Ajay Sethi
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Hi, the restriction is only limited to the state of Bihar not on the domicile people of Bihar .. You can obtain license without any prejudice of Bihar state licence 
Hemant Chaudhary
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Respected sir ..
You can do any bussiness through out the country and no one can stop you from doing this as it is your constitutional right ...Under article 19 of the indian constitution you are free in clause (g) it is clearly stated that you can practice any profession or to Carry out any occupation ,trader business ...If any one denies you can file a complaint against them in concerned police station...
Dinesh Sharawat
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The liquor ban law of Bihar is applicable only in Bihar, being a state enactment and does not operates on Biharis residing outside Bihar in other parts of the country.

Challenge the illegal and arbitrary action of the state of Gujarat in the High Court.
Vibhanshu Srivastava
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Sir if the Gujarat excise department has some rule or statute that licence for selling liquor is only granted to a Gujarati then they will abide by that law and if not, then you have every right to do business  there.
 There is no such rule that a resident of Bihar is not allowed to sell or drink liquor in other states.
Hope my reply helps you.
Johnu Kanta Bhuyan
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Dear Client, 

This all bullshit and unintelligent thing. Even such kind of objection is foolish. All u mentioned above is without any substance and idiotic.

No such discrimination is permissible .  
Yogendra Singh Rajawat
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Like Gujarat, the Bihar state also has imposed prohibition of liquor sales or consumption.

But there is no such rule prohibiting a Gujarat vendor to sell liquor to the licence purchaser  while the sale is at Gujarat and for the consumption of the customer.

The vendor says it out of his ignorance
T Kalaiselvan
Advocate, Vellore
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