• Wife is torturing husband and his family without any reason

good evening sir my wife is torture me and my family without any reason,after two month of separation between me and her.,the problem was not big actually i was doing job in hotel...from last 4 yrs..suddenly in a new hotel during my probation period ,hotel ask me to leave hotel as they say i was not working good,so i have to leave job,on this my wife got angry on me and start blaming that you are out of duty now how we will live financially,but now i,m working in a good MNC..i and my family try a lot to make here understand that everything is ok now,so come back home but she still refuse to come.....she says that i dont look future in both of us..like financial we r not good,you never do what i say...etc..here family also say here to go back to your husband but she refuse them also....we have two years of marriage relation...she was happy at that time now suddenly she is refusing to come,i love here and my parents also.....they support both of us in every manner..but then also she refuse to come...i dnt know why............i never want to give here divorce...suggest me how should i and my family get here back whether she refuse to come without  any reason,because sir marriage is happen once in life....and i want here only to back in my family....suddenly she say i dont love u...i mean why she is doing all these thing....when i ask here tell me what is problem in me..and my family ,she say you dont listen me..in small small things ,we are not financially good......sir is it good that a wife should leave here husband because he is not getting good growth in life....i have my own house in DELHI...we are ready for everything for here..................now please suggest me how should we get here back from here brother house...here brother is also supporting here in here wrong decision..i,m again saying i will not divorce here,i want to teach here lesson so that she come back to home our marriage was arrange...here father says to me and my family that we are making here understand but then she is refusing to come....now she is ruining   my life and i dont want here to do like this with me and should come back,is there any law in court so that i can bring my wife from here house....whether she want to come or not..................Reason is nothing as i have told you above..........help me save my married life..i love here and i know she also but on small issues she is making me ruined
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1.Marriage is a mutual job between husband and wife and can not survive on the mere wish only one souse if other one is hell bent upon to wreck it.
2. however still you want to go for this then you can file suit for restitution of conjugal of rights wherein the court is gets satisfied that the wise left the company of the husband without any reasonable cause then it may grant such decree.
3. However such decree is impossible to execute for practical reasons.
4. i repeat unless and until your wife is so willing you can not forcefully make her return possible. Talk to her and convince her on the importance of conjugal life.
Devajyoti Barman
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Honesty, integrity, love, trust and effective communication are very important to the husband-wife relationship. Winning every argument, seeking revenge, battling any terrible attitudes, and throwing out any unpleasant words are really not necessary in the husband-wife relationship. Some times you have to pay big amount in small issues. Lack of communication is made troubles in your life.
May be your wife has too much expectations and the trust up on you had lost. Don’t worry .Time will heal, and of course the having good positive conversation too.

1.	Amicably settle the issues through dearest one or nearest one or well wisher 
2.	If possible meet a good marriage counselor 
3.	If she does not come after mediation talk file case under restitution of conjugal of rights.
Ajay N S
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1) your wife does not want to stay with you . 

2) although you can file case of RCR to stay with you but even if you succeed court cant force your wife to stay with you . 

3) give your wife an ultimatum . she should rejoin you in 1 month or opt for divorce by mutual consent . 

4) if she refuses to agree for staying with you or for divorce by mutual consent then your only option is to file for contested divorce on grounds of mental cruelty
Ajay Sethi
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1. Sustaining a marriage can be really tough at times, as is evident from your query.

2. Legally speaking, you have no remedy under the law the recourse to which will culminate in a judicially enforceable command to your wife to return to you. You may file a case for restitution of conjugal rights against her, but she cannot be forced to return to her matrimonial home.

3. You should convince your wife to visit a marriage counsellor so that both of you may iron out your differences. If counselling turns out to be futile then file for mutual divorce.

4. You may, if your wife refuses to file for mutual divorce, unilaterally file for divorce on the ground of cruelty. 

5. Your wife may hit back with a case of dowry harassment in the event you apply for divorce
Ashish Davessar
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A case under right to conjugal rights can be filed asking her to return to her matrimonial house. Withe both of you should settle the difference by mediation or visiting a marriage counsellor. If you both intend to end the relationship then file a mutual consent for divorce as it is less painful. However if that doesn't work out then go for a contested divorce.
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1. Your problem is still a personal problem and not a legal problem,

2. No law in our country can bring her back to you if she does not want to,

3. Our role, as lawyers, come to take legal action  against her once you decide what do you want to do legally with your this matrimonial relationship with her.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
Advocate, Kolkata
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