• Can I marry a foreign national in her country?

Hi all, can you pls suggest me if i can marry abroad and bring my spouse to settle in india? 
I am looking forward to marry my fiancée who is a morrocan national & execute the marraige in morroco, we both belong to same religion.

1. Can I go on a visit/tourist visa and marry her their as per Morrocan laws
2. What visa to apply for her I thought of taking visit/tourist visa to India, is this visa category fine so that after marraige I can bring her along
3. After marrying before morrocan authority as per their procedures do I need to register it before Indian consulate.
4. After reaching here how to convert her long stay visa
5. What documents does she need to bring with her here.

Your suggestions and guide is much appreciated. I will also be taking legal services to assist end to end. Thanks
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3 Answers

The Foreign Marriage Act was enacted to facilitate solemnization of civil marriages by Indian citizens in foreign countries.

Like in the Special Marriage Act 1954, under this Act too solemnization and registration of marriages are parts of the same transaction. The procedure for solemnization and registration of such marriages is more or less the same as under the Special Marriage Act 1954 (Sections 5-13). Marriage Certificate Books are to be maintained in all Diplomatic Missions. There is no provision in this Act for transmission of records to any general registry of the country. Besides solemnization of new marriages, this Act also makes a provision for registration of pre-existing marriages solemnized in foreign countries under the laws of those countries.

1.If that country law permits you to marry as per the their traditions and custom, you can very well marry her.

2. You can first apply for tourist visa for 3 or 6 months, and after registering the marriage, you can apply for extension of visa and thereafter for permanent visa to her on the basis of yor marriage with her.

3. You can get it registered in the Indian consulate which will relieve you from observing the formalities in India to register yor marriage here once again.

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We are Indian lawyers, so we cannot guide you on the Morrocan laws. In India a foreigner can surely marry an Indian if he/she arrives in India on a tourist visa, reciprocal provisions must be existing in Moroccan laws as well. You should consult a Morrocan lawyer and also Morrocan Embassy in India.

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1) you can marry your girl friend in Morooco

2) marriage should be regsitered with indian embassy in Morocco under provisions of foreign marriages act

3) Registration of foreign marriages.—

(1) Where—

(a) a Marriage Officer is satisfied that a marriage has been duly solemnized in a foreign country in accordance with the law of that country between parties of whom one atleast was a citizen of India; and

(b) a party to the marriage informs the Marriage Officer in writing that he or she desires the marriage to be registered under the section, the Marriage Officer may, upon payment of the prescribed fee, register the marriage.

4) you cn abring your wife to india under torist visa

5) Foreigners who are married to Indian citizens are issued with an X (Entry) Visa, which is a residential visa. It provides the right to live in India, but not work.

6) the main documents needed for Tourist to X Visa conversions are:

Marriage certificate.

Recent photo in the specified format.

Passport and visa.

Spouse's Indian identification (such as Indian passport).

Proof of residence. (This can be copy of valid and notarized lease/rent agreement, or copy of recent electricity/telephone bill).

An Indemnity Bond on 100 rupee stamp paper, signed by the spouse (this requires specific wording which the FRRO/FRO will provide you with).

Report from the relevant local police station about marital status, including observations, confirmation of living together, and security clearance. (The FRRO/FRO will arrange this).

Photocopies will need to be submitted, so do bring them with you when you attend your appointment.

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