• Already registered land govt of ap declared as govt land in may

My father purchase a agriculture land in my name in the year 1995, when I am minor and registered in sub register office. Presently I am major & likely to be sale this property. I will be collect some papers from sub register office like EC, copy of the document & valuation certificate recently. Sub register was given EC & copy of the document but not given valuation certificate due this property in the prohibited  list under the 9/77 act, the notification issued from the district collector in may - 2016. I check in the revenue records like parttadar pass book, adangal pahani, ROR 1B register. The land tax paid properly in my  . These r all in my name along with my photo. I Check the sale deed, &I observed as 1) document registered in my name. 2) seller noted as, it is inherent property. Hence please give me good suggestions and direction for remove my property from prohibited list.
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        The Act prohibits alienation of assigned lands, in contravention of the
conditions of assignment.  

2) has any notice beeen issued under sub section 2) of Section 3 of the Act  to show cause within 15 days as to why you should 
not be evicted form the land 

3) On receipt of a notice, the defences of various categories can be taken, be it
either by the assignee or the transferee that there was no condition prohibiting alienation at time of purchase of land in 1995 

4) land cannot be resumed by govt merely on basis of revenue entries 

5) contact a local lawyer and file writ petition in HC challenging the entry of your land in prohibited list 
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You should consult a local lawyer for this as this involves state specific acts which will not be known to a lawyer from another state.
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The Government had been assigning Govt. Lands to the landless poor persons who had no other means of  livelihood. In Andhra area such assignment of Lands are governed by Board Standing Orders while in Telangana  area, they are governed by the rules framed under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Area) Land Revenue Act 1317 Fasli.Nevertheless, the rules governing such assignment of lands and conditions of grant of the  Government Land are same. The Pattas granted there under invariably contained a clause that the lands  assigned were heritable but not alienable and several other conditions have been imposed. 
The A.P. Assigned Lands (POT) Act 1977 is a self contained code, in the sense that it provides for resumption,  restoration and distribution of the Assigned Lands. 
Section 3 (1) of the Act not only prohibits transfer of the Assigned Lands on or after the commencement of the  Act, but also declares retrospectively that all transfers of such lands which took place prior to the coming into  force of the Act shall also be null and void and no right or title in such Assigned Land shall vest in any person  acquiring the land by such transfer.
Thus it would be safe that if you dont try to sell the property, at least it shall be with you until then or else the government may take it back quoting the relevant rules operative in this regard.
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I heard that the andhra Pradesh government  collect the information on assigned lands subsequently pot act (9/77 ) notifications issued.

You have rightly heard of it. 
The government of AP is collecting the information of all such lands and the particulars of the alienation done by the allot-tees and the details of the purchasers as well.  
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