• To start tree plantation on agriculture land for commercial wood

Can you please mention the necessary formality for a farmer for growing wood tree like Yukeliptus, sandalwood, melia dubia etc.
here the land size is 5 acre or more.
Do we need permit to cut tree from forest department during selling ?
Any tax liability ?
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If your brother is addicted to liquor wife can file DV case and seek injunction restraining husband from selling the land as it is her matrimonial home 

2) she can also seek maintenance for herself and children in said complaint 

3) legal fees vary 
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The potential of agro/ farm forestry has not been fully realized, as on one side farmers are encouraged to  grow trees on their land, at the same time they face difficulties in harvesting their produce, in view of various  restrictions on felling and transit of trees. 

 Currently in  Uttar Pradesh, 19 species are exempt from transit permit in the 38 notified districts, whereas  transit permit is required in districts having notified forest areas. Also, for movement of timber from exempted  districts to other districts, transit pass h have high potential for growth of Agro / Farm Forestry.

 Summary of Provisions for regulating felling of trees and transit in Uttar Pradesh timber and other forest produce transit rules, 1976.
? Total 20 spp. are exempted from transit pass like eucalyptus, poplar in
various district state
? District wise spp. are exempted from transit where reserve forest or etc. 
? Farmers are encouraged to plant exempted spp.
? Private forests are also governed by these rules. The department can assist in preparation of management plans of private forests.
? Forest department facilitates individual farmers in growing private agroforestry/
farm forestry by taking up plantation activities at their cost. Promotion of Kisan nurseries in western UP.
? UP Govt. has suggested that exotic species grown by farmers on large scale should be fully exempted from  regulatory regime of felling permits and timer transit in States such as Poplars, Eucalyptus, Subabul( Leucaena sp.), Casuarinas, Ailanthus sp; Gmelina sp; Silver oak (Grevillea robusta) Mulberry (Morus alba), Kadam (Anthocephalus cadamba) Melia sp; Acacia arabica, Acacia auriculiformis, Acacia mangium; Acacia lenticularis,  Albizza sp, Azadirachta india, Borassus flabeliformis, Hovea brasiliensis, Prosopis spp; Butea monosperma, Cedrela toona, Tamarindus india, Grewia oposittifolia, etc. 

Felling of trees in Uttar Pradesh is regulated by the Uttar Pradesh Protection of trees in Rural and Hill areas Act. 1979. However, the Act does not apply to trees in reserved forest; protected forest; trees on Government land; and trees in urban areas.
The felling of trees for domestic use is a concession to given to the people. Otherwise, there are prohibitions on felling any tree. In the Districts of Almora, Pithoragarh, Chamoli, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarkashi Pahari Patti of Nainital, Chakrata Tahsil and Mussoorie Nagar Palika of Dehradun, a finally can cut one tree a year for domestic use from its own land without seeking permission from any authority. However he needs to inform the competent authority, in writing, 15 days before felling the tree. In rest of the areas of Uttar Pradesh, a family can cut a tree for domestic purpose without any permission or intimation.
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My brother is addicted to drinking liquor. I fear he may sell the inherited land to someone.
His wife and children are there. The land inherited is on his name only.
What is the cheapest way to check him from selling land without the consent of his wife, brother or mother as children are still below 18 years. Will the method cost much ? 

If the property is on your brother's name nobody has any rights in it including his wife or children..
If the relationship between his wife and him are strained then she may file an injunction suit to restrain him from alienating the property for the purpose of creating a charge on the property owing to the maintenance suit proposed to be filed against him.
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This question needs to be answered by a local lawyer as laws relating to acquisition of agricultural land and plantation thereon are not uniform throughout India. So you must consult a local lawyer.
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