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Dear Sir.

How much agricultural land a farmer from outside Maharashtra state LEGALLY has to hold in order to purchase LEGALLY agricultural land in Maharashtra

According to Maharashtra State Property Law is it 10 Gunta,20 Gunta,30 Gunta,40 Gunta or more
Pl specify in Guntas or Sqft.

Pl send me some current legal documents(Yr 2015) mentioning the same in .pdf format for reference to my E-Mail id.

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Land laws of each state is different. In WB person of any outer state can hold agricultural land.
It would be better if you take help of a lawyer from Maharashtra having expertise in land laws.
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section 3 of Mahrashtra agricultural land ceiling act 1961 lays down ceiling limit for holding agricultural land 

under section 4 All land held by each member of a family unit, whether jointly or separately shall
for the purposes of determining the ceiling area of the family unit, be deemed to
be held by the family unit.

under section 5 Ceiling area.—
1) In each of the districts and talukas specified in column I of the First Schedule, for
each class of land described in columns 2, 3, 4,5 and 6 thereof, the ceiling
area shall be the area mentioned under each such class of land against such
district or taluka.
2) If a person, or a family unit, holds land of only one class, the ceiling area for his or its
holding shall be the ceiling area for that class of land.
3) Where a person or a family unit holds different classes of land, then for calculating
whether the holding is equal to or in excess of the ceiling area, the total area of the
holding shall be calculated in the following manner

The area of each class of land falling under sub-classes (a), (b) or (c) of clause (5) of
section 2 shall be converted into dry crop land falling under. sub- clause (d) or as the
case may be, sub-clause (e)of clause (5) of that section on the basis of the proportion
which the ceiling area for the class of land to be converted, bears to the ceiling area for
dry crop land, aforesaid. Where a person or family unit holds dry crop land falling under
sub-clauses (d) and (e) of clause (5), then the conversion shall be made into land falling
under sub-clause (e)

visit the website  8am.in/.../THE-MAHARASHTRA-AGRICULTURAL-LANDS-CEILING...for further details 

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Hectares	Acres
Land with assured supply of water for irrigation and capable of yielding at least two crops in a year	7-28-43hectares 18 acres 
Land, which has assured supply of water for only one crop. 	10-92-65hectares 27acres 
Land which has un-assured supply of water for only one crop.	14-56-86hectares  36 acres 
Dry Land situated in Mumbai Sub Urban   District and Districts of Thana, Raigad, Ratanagiri, Sindhdurg, Bhandara, Gadchiroli, Sironcha talukas of Chandrapur District which is under paddy cultivation for continuous period of three years.	14-56-86	   36acres 
Dry Crop Lands other than all above lands. 	21-85-29	54 acres 
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The amended ceiling laws were to be given retrospective effect from a date not later than January 24, 1971.

As per the new guidelines, 17 states amended the ceiling legislations. The range of ceiling varied from State to State. For instance, in Maharashtra – 7.28 hectares,
Ceiling Limits on Land Holdings:
Irrigated with                     Irrigated  with            Dry land              
one crop                            two crops

7.28                                       10.93                        21.85
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To buy agricultural land not only in Maharashtra but anywhere in India except Jammu and Kashmir, you or your ancestors must be farmers or in the past had a agriculture land and paid agriculture tax even before Independence can do which is to be satisfactorily proved with documentary evidence. If you can have this only then venture to buy agriculture land or else you will not be able to transfer the land in your name. 
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