• Need to Copyright the part of the blog "www.chaseinhumaneye.com" , ART

My name is “Ashish Bhaskar Patwari”. I am the Constructor and Owner of My Own Written Blog, "www.chaseinhumaneye.com". My age is 39 Years old and I reside in City Dombivli of Taluka Kalyan and Dist. Thane. I need to Copyright Part of content of my above mentioned Blog which I have described as, ART ( Acquired Rhythm in Time) because , for the further part of the Blog, I have not yet received approval from Law as well as from Medical Team. I have been facing the issue of SIM Card fraud with my original SIM Card of “Vodafone” and “Airtel” by hacker.
 I did not go for “Copyright” procedure of the Contents of my above mentioned blog because of above two mentioned reasons. The part of “Art” does not require any approval either from Law authority or from Medical Authority because , as the name suggests, this is a presentation part mainly expressed in “Hindi”, “English” and “Marathi” which deals with presenting the reality in meaningful lines to express the hidden truth of intellectual ability of the one. I need to follow complete legal procedure to “Copyright” my above mentioned Part i.e. ART ( Acquired Rhythm in Time). 
 I have planned to produce following documents while I go for “Copyright” process.
1) Copyright Forms 2) The written material which describe the Build of an Individual ART 3) The Verbal video which describes the same concepts but emphasis upon verbal skills 4) One Sample Art to show how this concept follows 5) Xerox copy of my own Aadhar Card 6) The confirmation details of records of my own SIM Cards "Airtel" (Mob . [deleted]) and "Vodafone" (Mob. [deleted], [deleted]) from both subscribers 7) The complaint copy I lodged dated Oct 13,23 against "Vodafone" and "Airtel" on NCCP.
I was to consult the lawyer , if I need to produce the “Affidavit” confirming with oath that this 
Concept of Art completely belong to me along with the documents “Indemnity Bond” signed by me to make this document more effective. Later, when I realized the loopholes made by hacker in the security of my original SIM card, I came to know that no lawyer is going to handle this case until the result for fraud comes into picture. Hence, I decided to send the details for verification in the Email about my Own SIM cards to Vodafone and Airtel SIM Subscribers. I sent Email to both subscribers dated Jan 31,24 to “Vodafone” and Feb 5,24 which mentions all the details of my SIM Card and informing them to reply the same that all the mentioned records are up to date as per their system records.
 I did receive reply from both authority. The reply I received from “Airtel” authority do hold the doubt to understand if the reply is from genuine authority even though the domain is “Airtel.com”.The reply I received from “Vodafone” is yet to receive the sufficient information from them to use this information as Evidence in copyright process. I need your legal opinion for the same.
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3 Answers

1) when you write and publish a blog post, you automatically own the copyright in the content of that post. Copyright law gives you the exclusive right to control the use and reproduction of your original creative works, including blog posts.


2) if someone else uses a blog post without your permission, they may be infringing on the author's copyright. This can result in legal action, including demands for compensation for damages and injunctions to prevent further infringement.

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If you are not satisfied with the reply given by both the authorities, you may once again contact them and seek further clarification.

If the communication was sent by you to the authority which has sent you the reply then what is your doubt about it, why do you suspect the genuineness , do you have any specific reason to disbelieve it.

Whatever you may consult in the local in person and get all the issues clarified.

T Kalaiselvan
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You can do so by registering the same with copyright authority. If there are no objections then same will be done

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