• plot no. Mentioned in saatbara and sale deed are different what is actual document of ownershipr

Hello my mom is ina big worry now since the day I made her realize that the plot no. mentioned in saledded and saatbara are different .
In pune she had purchased a plot in survey no. 33 with no. B(can't reveal ual al plot number. Only on Saatbara and corporation tax receipts 33/Plot no. B is mentioned. Today also plot B is vacant no construction on it.
 But after so msny years she resd yhe sale deed ,description of plot and in layout clearly mentioned that she is owner of survey no. 33/plot no.A
Which really shocking someone rose has occupied this adjacent plot A n has built 4 floored building on it .
Now pls guide which document should be consumed
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Ask for fresh survey of your plot to check whether survey number mentioned in sale deed is correct or not 


2) if there is no mistake in sale deed then no deed of rectification is necessary 


3) on my correction required is in revenue extracts which reflect wrong survey number of your plot 


4) you have to submit application to tehsildar office for rectifying mistake in survey number 


5) enclose copy of sale deed ,survey report which reflects correct survey number of your plot 

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1. Verification of Records: Check the municipal records, land revenue records, and other relevant authorities to verify the accurate plot details and ownership.

2. Rectification of Documents: If there's a discrepancy, legal steps may need to be taken to rectify the documents, if necessary, to reflect the correct plot number and ownership.

3. Legal Action: In case there is a dispute over the ownership or the adjacent plot, legal action may be required to protect your mother's rights and interests.

4. Consult a Lawyer: You take a guidance from a legal professional who is specialized in property matters and real estate laws. They can examine the documents in detail and advise you on the best course of action.

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You have to file suit for eviction of occupants and to demolish illegal construction done in your plot 

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A sale deed is a legally binding document that indicates the sale and transfer of ownership of a land parcel from a seller to a buyer. It is one of the most important documents as it is legally valid evidence for the transfer of land ownership. It is important to note that the sale deed needs to be registered at the subregistrar’s office of the region where the land parcel falls to ensure its validity as proof.

A saatbara or 7/12 extract is a document that contains information such as survey number, area, date from which current owner is registered as owner, etc. It is issued by the revenue department of the state government and serves as a proof of land ownership.

However, sometimes there may be discrepancies or errors in the plot number or other details mentioned in these documents due to various reasons such as clerical mistakes, fraud, encroachment, etc. In such cases, it is advisable to rectify the errors as soon as possible to avoid any legal complications or disputes in the future.

One possible way to rectify the errors in the documents is to consult a lawyer and explore the possibility of doing an internal transfer within the family by way of a Settlement Deed wherein the discrepancy can be clarified in the preamble part and correct description of property can be given in the Schedule portion. If this can be done, dealing with the property thereafter, will not be a problem.

Another possible way to rectify the errors in the documents is to approach the concerned authorities such as the revenue department or the subregistrar’s office and file an application for correction along with supporting documents such as sale deed, tax receipts, survey maps, etc. The authorities may verify the documents and issue a corrected document after rectifying the errors.


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 As per law, a deed can be rectified after executing Rectification deed with the consent of both the parities i.e seller and buyer.

-  A deed can be rectified at any time since there is no limitation for rectification. Whenever an error found out in a deed, the parties can proceed with rectification of the error at any time.

- Further, after rectified the said error , your mother can file a suit for possession and mandatory & Permanent Injunction before the court for getting possession of that property and to restrain him from selling the property . 

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If the sale deed has been showing the incorrect plot number to that of the saat bara records, you may first of all get your property surveyed through a government surveyor by verifying the revenue records to that of the details found in the registered sale deed.

If both the details are not matching then you may take suitable action to get the sale deed rectified by getting a rectification deed executed to rectify the error.

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The Tahsildar cannot correct the revenue records because it is a record that had been appearing ever since the records were created, hence the mistake may have occurred while getting the property registered in the sale deed, therefore you first ascertain the details and then proceed with the proposed rectification action as suggested.


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I have read your issue but find that there are some facts which need to be clarified. You can approach on either nine two one two one two four five eight five or seven zero four two eight three three six eight six for personal approach.

We Hope that a personal consultation would be fruitful to the issue and it would be better for you to talk to someone directly.

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Sale deed is actual document you can execute rectification deed and correct the same 

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Here are some points to consider:


Discrepancy in Plot Numbers: When there's a discrepancy between the plot number mentioned in the sale deed and the survey number mentioned in the saatbara and tax receipts, it can create confusion.


Sale Deed Description: If the sale deed clearly mentions that your mother is the owner of survey no. 33/plot no. A, it holds significant legal weight. However, it's essential to verify the authenticity of the sale deed.


Adjacent Plot A: If someone else has occupied and built on plot A, which your mother believes she owns according to the sale deed, this could lead to a legal dispute.


Correction by Tahsil Office: If the tahsil office can correct the survey number to match the sale deed, it may help establish your mother's ownership of plot A. However, this may require legal procedures and documentation.


a. Verify the authenticity of the sale deed. b. Assist in correcting the survey number with the tahsil office if necessary. c. Evaluate the situation regarding the occupied plot A and recommend appropriate legal actions, such as eviction if your mother is indeed the rightful owner.



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