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I’m a US citizen with OCI status. I’m trying to buy a 1.5 acre beachfront property in Karnataka in a CRZ 2 zoned area. It is currently classified as agricultural even the property has a 2 story house with maybe about 8-10 coconut trees on it and is surrounded by similar properties with houses on them making it essentially a residential area. Since I can’t buy agricultural property as an OCI I’m trying to get the property converted by the current owner from agricultural to non agricultural use so that I can buy it. I know that Karnataka has just recently streamlined this process through the bhoomi portal via a self affidavit based conversion process that has to be ajudicated by a District Commissioner within 15 days at the latest else it will have been deemed to have been converted to non agricultural use. What is the likelihood of the conversion of this particular Beachfront property from its current agricultural to non agricultural use by the authorities? Do I have a decent chance of it being reclassified as non agricultural given that it is not been used for agricultural purposes?
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Chances of conversion application being granted are high 


2) since it is primarily residential area a d land is not used for agricultural activities authorities would  agree for conversion 

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The following documents should support the application:

  • ID proof of Khata certificate
  • Mutation letter
  • Original sale deed or gift partition deed
  • Property Title Deed
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the village accountant
  • Latest receipt of tax deposit
  • Certified survey map
  • Records of Rights and Tenancy Certificate (RTC)
  • Certified copy of the Land Tribunal Order
  • Certified copy of Form 10 that certifies the rights of occupancy
  • Zonal certificate from Urban Development Authority
  • Photocopy of the atlas of the land
  • Photocopy of the revenue survey map of the village


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- As per the law, an agricultural land cannot be used for residential or commercial purposes until it is converted into non-agricultural land.

- The following documents are needed to submit with an application before the DC by the land owner :

  • Certified copies of land records encapsulating the Title of Ownership
  • Certified copies of the land map (Tehsil and Taluk office)
  • Details of land such as extent, type of soil and crop cultivated on the land
  • Copies of mortgages on land, if any
  • Copies of layout, site plan and building plan signed by an architect
  • Appointment letter from the department of Architect and Architect (AOA)
  • No Objection Certificates (NOC) from Gram Panchayat, Municipal Corporations, Highway Authority and Pollution Control Board (if planning to set up an industrial unit)
  • Certified copy from Patwari/Talati
  • Zonal certificate copy from the Urban Development Authority
  • Record of Right and Tenancy Certificate (RTC)
  • Mutation letter
  • Original Sale Deed
  • Latest tax receipts
  • Certified survey map

- There is no hard and fast rule for converting the same , and hence the chances of conversion is maximum. 

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You have to wait for the conversion.Until and unless the land owner gets a black and white confirmation about the property converted to non agricultural, it is not advisable to venture into this purchase.

As per the notification, the coastal land up to 500m from the High Tide Line (HTL) and a stage of 100m along banks of creeks, lagoons, estuaries, backwater and rivers subject to tidal fluctuations, is called the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ).

Hence it is always better that you wait until the conversion approval is obtained by the landowner and then obtain a legal opinion before purchasing the property.


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Dear client,  

The likelihood of the conversion of the property from agricultural to non-agricultural use will depend on various factors, including the specific rules and regulations of the local authorities and the prevailing land use policies. However, if the property is not being used for agricultural purposes and is surrounded by similar properties with houses, there may be a decent chance of it being reclassified as non-agricultural.

To ensure a smooth and successful conversion process, it is advisable to hire a local lawyer who specializes in property law and has experience in handling similar cases. The lawyer can guide you through the application process, review the necessary documents, and represent you before the relevant authorities. The lawyer's fees may vary depending on their experience, reputation, and the complexity of the case, so it is best to discuss this with the lawyer directly.

To get the process started, the seller may need to provide various documents, such as the property deed, survey map, and tax receipts, among others. Your lawyer can advise you on the specific documents required and help you obtain them from the seller.

Unfortunately, as an AI language model, I am not able to provide specific lawyer recommendations or legal services. However, you may be able to find a suitable lawyer by searching online for property lawyers in Uttara Kannada district or by asking for referrals from local real estate agents or other professionals.


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