• A man commits suicide with false accusation on suicide note

The boy committed suicide yesterday. The police called my friend to show the letter he has written and informed about the FIR. My friend showed them the messages on WhatsApp and told them what happened in last 3 weeks. She was accompanied by her manager who told police that he was verbally informed about his nuisance before. Police said that they will visit her company to get further details today. Boy’s parents have threatened my friend to take the issue as far as possible and spoil her life.

Content of suicide note:
1.	He talked about how sorry he is towards his family for this.
2.	Then he mentioned that he was in love with my friend but she refused to talk to him and never understood his feelings.
3.	He wrote that he was publically insulted by her - This never happened
4.	Lastly he blamed all girls for being mean.

Postmortem report says that he consumed alcohol and then took sleeping pills.

There are two immediate evidences with us:
1.	He used to call my friend on personnel number giving strange excuses related to HR. My friend sent him an official mail keeping her manager in CC asking him not to call her on personal number and communicate via official mail only.
2.	The mail raising the complaint against him for stopping her on her way in front of parking

She has never known him from any time before (that is before three weeks when he text her first) and she has never initiated any communication with him in past. The only communication was asking him not to talk to her when he disturbing her through call, msgs or in person. She blocked his number after his very first call. She didnt called police before as the HR policies of her companies makes it mandatory to complain first to the company if it is related to someone from office. Moreover, she waited all this time thinking that he will stop it himself, she never expected him to be in such mental state.

My questions:
1.	Does his suicide note has any merit?
2.	Police have said they will take the phone and lap top of my friend. We have no problem with that as there is nothing to hide. But can police do it? Can we trust them with this?
3.	Are the mails and testimony of manager good enough as evidence before court?
4.	If an FIR gets Null or Void does it still have any problem professionally in future?
Plz help.
Asked 4 years ago in Criminal Law from New Delhi, Delhi
Query is repeated.
Devajyoti Barman
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Act as advised in the previous reply.
Ashish Davessar
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Yes, consult a local lawyer immediately and apply for her bail without delay.
Devajyoti Barman
Advocate, Kolkata
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kindly contact a local advocate for proper adviice
Rajeev Bari
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