• A man commits suicide with false accusation on suicide note

Hi Sir,
My friend (a girl) was experiencing eve-teasing and harassment in and outside office from one of the employee in HR department. Initially she made a complaint to her manager verbally about it but later she officially sent an e-mail to HR and Manager about it after she was stopped outside office parking by the boy.   As the company policy the boy was asked to put down the papers. Following are the details events:

1.	The boy texts her messages on WhatApp and then calls her and proposes her.  He was asked not to contact again.
2.	He taunts her in office.
3.	He starts stalking her before and after office. The girl has to take a cab for her safety for this reason. She informs her manager and gym instructor about this.
4.	He stops her in front of office parking. She calls the guard. Guard suggests her to complain in office. She formally complains through the mail.
5.	Next morning he physically assaults her in front of the PG. He asks her to accept her proposal and take back complain. People around notice this including guard of PG. They run towards him but he escapes.
6.	He gets terminated in office and then commits suicide next day accusing girl for the suicide. The letter says the girl wanted to take revenge from the boys.
7.	His parents launched FIR against the girl 

Point noted:
1.	There has never been any communication in office or outside to the boy from the girl’s side except asking him to stop messaging (Point 1)
2.	Everyone around her was informed about his activities before hand.

What can be done for the girl?
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Take bail from the court citing the reason that u had no relation with that boy, instead you were harassed and  eve teased by him, file application in High Court for quashing of FIR .
Soumya Kundu
Advocate, Kolkata
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what is the current status and in which court
Rajeev Bari
Advocate, New Delhi
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Now that the FIR has been filed against her she has no option except to contest the case on merits and prove her innocence. The girl is in no way responsible for the death of this guy but this has to be proved in the court in accordance with the manner prescribed under law. The complaint that she submitted to her manager can be used to show that she was being constantly harassed by the guy and not vice versa. Let the girl apply for bail as soon as possible as in the absence of protective cover of bail the sword of an imminent arrest is hanging over her head.
Ashish Davessar
Advocate, Jaipur
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You are silent about the status of case if any filed by the girl.
The girl now can file cases of harassment and stalking which has serious repercussions.

If you divulge contents of FIR against the girl then further advice can be given.
Devajyoti Barman
Advocate, Kolkata
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