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Hi Sir,
 There is a problem between me and my wife which we have married 3 months back.
 All we have done arranged marriage.
 I came to know there was a affair between my married wife and one person after our marriage.
It was before three years back.It was a love for 3 years.
 And she also accepted that there was an affair.And she said she is not willing to go with that boy and finally got married with me.
 As so far I did'nt do anything to her like hurting or beating etc.
 But she hurts on her own. I have scolded when came to know.
 I have informed to her father each and everything.They also does'nt know these story before.
 Me only informed them.
 Me and my parents don't know this love affair.And she only told there was an affair.
 Also her parents are not  wiling to my parents.They are asking me only.
 Me and my wife were alone.And she left the home without any notice.Also she did'nt inform where she is.Her parents only told she came to her hometown.That is , she when to her native place.
In between that her relatives and brothers are threatening me that if any mishap means I am person responsible for that.

 My parents are suggested to consult and made a legal bond between us like not to go 
 anywhere without my knowledge even if when she comes back.
Me and my wife were stayed in a separate home far from 220 kms.
I have willing to live her because of my dignity. I had called her to come back through phone.
She is also willing to live with me.Her parents are asking me to come to their hometown.
Her parents are not sending her to me.
 Her parents are not willing to talk to my parents regarding this.
 They are asking me only for any question.
But I am in a afraid that they me do anything to me.

 I did'nt do like these before marriage.For that reason only I got angry and scolded her.

Please advice me what to do.
Thanks in advance.
Asked 4 years ago in Family Law from Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Religion: Hindu
1) you can suggest to your wife that both should visit a marriage counsellor to save your marriage . the affair happened 3 years back . forgive her and lead a  happy married life . 

2) no harm in visiting your in laws place to bring your wife back
Ajay Sethi
Advocate, Mumbai
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1. Your marriage can still be saved. The affair took place 3 years back. Show a big heart and forgive her if she is repentant and promises to be loyal in future. 

2. You may visit in-laws to bring your wife back.
Ashish Davessar
Advocate, Jaipur
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