• Completion certificate for construction done under Gram Panchayat

I have purchased the old house property in year 2016 in Ahmednagar. The plan for the construction was sanctioned in 1998 and construction was completed in year 2000.The plan was sanctioned by the Gram-Panchayat as the area was in Gram Panchayat at that time.In year 2005 this area was included in Ahmednagar Muncipal Corporation.
The Completion certificate was not taken by then owner.Do I need completion certificate from Muncipal corporation.?
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A completion certificate can be obtained from Chief zonal officer of the municipal corporation/development authority of your city. You and your architect need to submit proper completion certificate application along with following documents

Copy of sale deed/lease deed

Copy of approved building plan and permission letter

Receipt of property tax paid up to date, if any

Receipt of water tax paid

Receipt of underground drainage connection charges

Receipt of electricity cable & road cutting charges paid

Receipt of bore well permission fee paid, if any

Affidavit on Rs 10/- Non-judicial stamp paper to be attested by Notary Public/Metropolitan magistrate declaring ownership of the building, details of the architect/engineer engaged for construction and completion of construction as per bye-laws

Other documents as demanded/ required by the concerned authorities

Mohammed Mujeeb
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Since the Gram panchayat does not give the Completion certificates and the layouts were sanctioned by the gram panchayat the CC is not required the old registered title documents of the property and the sactioned plans from panchayat and share certificate is enough.

Shubham Jhajharia
Advocate, Ahmedabad
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You may obtain CC or OC for your house property from the concerned authorities so that you don't face demolition or any other problem in the future.

The plan was sanctioned by the Gram-Panchayat as the area was in Gram Panchayat at that time.In year 2005 this area was included in Ahmednagar Muncipal Corporation.

The Completion certificate was not taken by then owner.Do I need completion certificate from Muncipal corporation.?

You had asked for legal opinion on this, you were guided with the legal suggestions, if you want solutions through illegal ways or some shortcut methods, you may approach the touts.

You will come to know the hardships or pain when the authorities decide to demolish ll those buildings which do not have OC or CC.

It is your lethargic and this casual attitude that made you to sleep over such sensitive issues for years together without taking any action.

Now you have to pay the penalty for the lapse in your side.

Even now you can enquire from the Ahmnednagar Municipal corporation for the time limit and the penalty for grant of OC to old cases or buildings constructed before annexation of the same to the corporation.

T Kalaiselvan
Advocate, Vellore
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Since property was falling within jurisdiction of gram panchayat you do not need completion certificate issued by municipal corporation . Completion Certificate by gram panchayat would suffice

It was only after 2005 that area was included in Ahmednagar municipal corporation jurisdiction

Ajay Sethi
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Firslty, as per the information given by you in the present query, makes it clear that you the plan was sanctioned under the gram panchayat policy.

Secondly, so, as per the law, when youngavyou got some approval from the present department and thereafter if the department/ authority changes then you do not have the need for getting OMG the approval again.

Thirdly, if you had not taken the completion certificate then now still you may make an application before the present authority stating the reasons for delay.

Fourthly, they may reject it, but at least you would have something to show if anyone puts any objection in future.

Sanjay Baniwal
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1. you can rope in an architect who can certify that the house was constructed on the land as per the sanctioned plans approved by the local body and that there are no violations or breaches of the sanctioned plans

2. submit this to the Municipal Corporation alongwith an application for grant of CC

3. Follow it up with a RTI Application

Yusuf Rampurawala
Advocate, Mumbai
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This is my response to you:

1. Ordinarily you do not need to obtain CC. But for safety you can ask the owner to obtain the CC;

2. Check the format below:




The Municipal Commissioner,

………Municipal Corporation


I hereby certify that the erection / re-erection or part/ full development work in / on building /

part building No ___________ Plot No _________, Revenue Survey No.____________, City

Survey No.________________, mauje____________________, has been supervised by me and

has been completed on ________________ according to the plans sanctioned, vide office

communication No _____________ dated ______________. The work has been completed to

the best of my satisfaction. The workmanship and all the materials (type and grade) have been

strictly in accordance with general and detailed specifications. No provisions of the Act or the

building Regulations, no requisitions made, conditions prescribed or orders issued there under

have been transgressed in the course of the work. I am enclosing three copies of the completion

plans. The building is fit for occupancy for which it has been erected/ re-erected or altered,

constructed and enlarged.

I have to request you to arrange for the inspection & grant permission for the occupation of the


Yours faithfully,

Signature and name of Architect /Licensed Engineer/

Structural Engineer/Supervisor

Encl : As above.

Date :

(Signature of Owner)

Name of Owner (in Block Letters)

Gowaal Padavi
Advocate, Mumbai
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