• Issue due to xerox copies submitted to current employer

Currently I am working with one of big MNC,I joined 4 months back.
Prior to joining I submitted soft copies of all my educational certificates as it is to my current employer(Soft copies Original certificates as it is).
At the time of joining i submitted my Xerox copies of all my educational certificates.
But in past I edited my soft copy of one of mark sheet, just as time pass.
But now i am afraiding that by mistake i submitted Xerox copy of that edited soft copies to my current employer
 at the time of joining (not sure submitted Xerox copies are edited or as it is but i submitted soft copies of educational certificates as it is).
I have not tempered my original mark sheet that is still in normal form so this  is not forgery.
My all educational documents are attested by notary but i am sure notary did not check my originals as notary was from other
city and he was familiar with my friend.so he attested all copies without any verification.

Below was as attempt i tried,

i got very less mark so I used my friends soft copy to edit my soft copy of mark sheet

Moreover my all original soft copies are with employer there is no intention of mine to cheat for gaining employment.
Additionally I do not have any profit because of this I got employment on the basis of my experience and qualification.
if xerox copy found tempered it is just mistake because original soft copies are with my current employer.

Is there any criminal action against this.
Is there any crime from my side.
Is  this will be prcecuted under penal act IPC 463 with punishment.

Please suggest on this.
Moreover what shall i do for avoiding any risk, resignation is good option for this.
Please share  your mail id I will share terms and conditions with my current employer
Asked 3 years ago in Criminal Law from Pune, Maharashtra
1) Since the originals of the mark sheets are not tampered with there is no grave risk as of now.
2) Nevertheless refrain from such unwise timepass. This can land you in serious trouble.
3) The soft copies you have sent to the company is unlikely to be referred to again as you are already employed. You need not take the drastic step of resigning now.
4) For your peace of mind of you are getting a better opportunity elsewhere start anew with setting the records right. There is no safe shortcuts to success
S J Mathew
Advocate, Mumbai
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Since you have submitted Xerox copies which are tempered documents might not create a huge trouble for you but if discovered while giving you promotion might land you in a big trouble. The years of hard work put in by you will go down the drain. 

Are you sure that your soft copies are original copies and not tempered with? 

For future reference, do not submit soft copies or tempered Xerox copies. Such mistakes done unknowingly will attract criminal offence against you.

If you plan to stick to the current employer, speak with the HR if and when the problem comes. Keep your documents i.e. the email and the soft copies which u mailed, as a proof of your innocence.
Shaveta Sanghi
Advocate, Panchkula
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 Don't worry about the tampering of the soft copy, however please make sure that you do not use it the future either in soft copy or paper form..
2. The soft copy which is with the employer is not going to be verified now unless there is an issue  you make. And there is nnot going to be aa cross checking withthe the originals, since your soft copy submitted and xerox of it are the same do not do anything about it.so nothing has to be done now, and no need to resign for this issue . But if you get better prospects and good offer resign and end the issue with the tampered soft copy
3. The tampering or correction of the original paper document/marksheet  or certificate is offence, and it is forgery,  which you have not done.So as  of now nothing  of an offence can be made out . Take it as a learning experience and dont worry.
Thresiamma G. Mathew
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1. You have submitted photocopy of edited soft copy of your mark sheet,

2. The said photocopy of the said edited marksheet has also been notarised by notary public,

3. Your logic that you have not gained out of such illegal act of yours since you have got the job for your experience and qualification has no merit. Mark Sheet qualified your qualification which has been tampered by you,

4. You can be charged for faking documents for getting employment and can be terminated by your employer,

5. I will suggest that you should resign from the present company and take up another job by submitting correct documents to the new company. This way you can burry this mistake for good and start afresh professionally,

6. Otherwise, if the present company terminates you mentioning the said illegal act of yours, it will be difficult for you to get a fresh job.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
Advocate, Kolkata
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1. You have submitted one photocopy of the original marksheet which is fake and does not reflect the marks recorded in your said mark sheet, 

2. As I understand the said photocopy has also been attested by notary public as copy of the original which is not the exect photocopy of the original,

3. Silently take up a fresh job if possible to burry this illegal act of yours for good, if posible,

4. Otherwise you will certainly run a risk with your professional career.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
Advocate, Kolkata
18783 Answers
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