• Mental harassment by daughter in law

Respected Sir,

                          my son married in 2009.since first year of his marriage, my daughter in law give us mentally stress .often she goes to her parents home, she demanded lot of expensive things from him and give him mentally stress. always doubt on him like he have some affairs in office etc.he is working as software engineer so in corporate office it is natural to work with team.we request her not to doubt and spoil married life but she daily quarrel with him and give DHAMKI to my son that " i will call police on 100 and i can take revenge on you and your family." some time unnecessary like this and even she speak loudly BACHAO BACHAO  for no reason. intention is only give mental tress and break our image in society.we are from good family but she want to break our image for her own selfishness .she is behave some time illogically  and stranger .she agree with us after some time that she have problem when she don't receive her desire she become like violent. 

                       my daughter is staying at pune .my son got offer of pune but she denies that time. she donot want to  go pune and not even in Maharashtra.Huge problem was arise in 2014 for this reason. she gone to her parents home . after some day her parents and she come say sorry and ask for forgive .we take her again at home, on that  time my son done sacrifice .her parents ask my son try for abroad, it is not easy and convenient. but frequently her complaints are continue on that time also she gives us dhamki that she can file a case against my son and family if he leave Ahmedabad.

                            on 2016 my son got opportunity for USA job. they both are willingly accept it. he join and same time he take visa for her and his son who is 3 years old. He got settled there and took her and his son in  month July with him at USA. take rental home and new car as her desire each and every facility for her and their son . but after only one month she ask for go to parents home due to her father not well. my son booked ticket and sent her for parents care.now she tell him that she don't want to come USA and want to take care of her parents even her brother is there with her parents.she demanding money and car .she ask him to come back and leave that job for her parents.My son told her you may stay till your fathers recovery but i cannot leave job because he have Bond with company. now she say if he not come , not give money, not give car for her then she file a fake case against him ( my son) and his entire family. we are senior citizen and due to her stress i got high blood pressure and my husband suffering high diabetes, so at present we are staying at pune with my daughter she phone to our relatives friends and blaming us.she calling my husband and ask him to compromise.she may file 498A against us. what to do in that situation? how we prepare for this situation. i beg with folding hands please help me . i am one of sad mother Senior citizen. what care we should take please help.


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Asked 7 years ago in Family Law
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1. It appears you are getting too scared and taking advantage of it your sister in law is blackmailing you.

2. Do note there is nothing dangerous about 498 case.

3. Nowadays courts are aware of the misuse of this act and hence getting bail has become cakewalk for the accused persons. It's more easier for parents of the husband.

4. Moreover once bail is granted nothing remains in the case.

5. So put a brave front. Dare her to file any case she wants. If you're innocent nothing will happen to you.

Good luck.

Devajyoti Barman
Advocate, Kolkata
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1)your son should refuse to bow down to wife black mail tactics

2) inform her his inability to meet her demands

3) let her file 498A case

4) obtain AB from sessions court

5) contact a local lawyer and carry on intelligent correspondence with wife

Ajay Sethi
Advocate, Mumbai
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Dear Sir.....

It is not a big issue....you can write a one complaint.....and mention alll these facts in your complaint.....and send it to police station physically and through registry (support identity copy).....take the D.D.number.......and keep safe in your records.when ever your Daughter -In-Law..went to the police station or file any case against you or your family..it will infectious.......

Best Regards....


Feroz Shaikh
Advocate, Navi Mumbai
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Your daughter in law had been threatening to file criminal cases agaisnt you all since long time or beginning of their marriage but she has not done that so far and had kept you all under the same threat.

You should now allow her to proceed and should not listen to her words.

In case she is really lodging a police complaint, you can take AB and challenge her fals case in the trial court.

She will not do that, but who knows what she will do and when.

You can engage an advocate to get AB on that.

T Kalaiselvan
Advocate, Vellore
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1.498A is the most misused provision of law in India. If and when a FIR gets filed against you for offence under section 498A then apply for and obtain anticipatory bail immediately to preempt your arrest and detention.

2. Before she files 498A you should send an intimation to jurisdictional police station through a registered AD to articulate your apprehension of being implicated in false 498A case by her. This may help you to obtain bail if and when the case gets registered against you.

Ashish Davessar
Advocate, Jaipur
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