5 reasons why Indian divorce rates are skyrocketing

Did you know that Indian divorce rate has doubled in the last 7 years? Phew, seems like the bubble of ‘happily ever after Indian marriage’ may burst soon! Marriages in our country are sacred, so much that the society considers it as a once in a lifetime event in a person’s life. But if statistics are to be believed, then the ‘D’ word is no longer a taboo in public these days.

Whether you blame it on westernization of our culture or the liberal attitudes of people, call it good news or bad news, the new-age Indian couples do not mind acknowledging divorce as a key to step out of their unhappy marriage.

What are the reasons why more couples are filing for divorce? Below are five reasons we can think of:

1. A social stigma? Not anymore.

There is a paradigm shift in the mindset of the people. The social stigma tag is fading away and society has realized that it is better to end a marriage, in which either of the partners is suffering. Nowadays, a divorcee can easily move in the social circle or consider the possibility of remarriage without being looked down upon and feeling embarrassed.

2. Women empowerment 

Unlike the older generation women, who were dependent on their husbands/in-laws and compromised self happiness for a long lasting marriage, today’s modern women are financially independent, well-informed and don’t hesitate to secure their rights. They want to make their own decisions pertaining to education, career or marriage.

3. Less respect for marriage

Earlier, the couples bowed down to the pressures of society to make their marriage work. However, today, the couples take their relationships casually and may head to the court without trying to work on the possible solutions to save their marriages. Also, the growing number of live-in relationships, dating & matrimonial websites, social networking & digital media platforms, as well as career-minded couples has also considerably made people less tolerant and respectful of the sanctity of the institution of marriage.

4. Compatibility

These days, men and women have a strong desire to feel connected with their spouses on intellectual, emotional, professional, or sexual levels for a successful relationship. After a few months or years into the nuptial knot, if they realize that they are not compatible with each other or don’t share common interests, they may not mind bidding adieu to their marriage.

5. Charges under IPC 498A 

IPC 498A was introduced to give legal protection to married women who were subjected to mental and physical harassment by her husband or husband’s relatives. However, it has been seen that in some cases that the married female and her paternal family have been misusing this act by making false cases against the husband or his family. In such a scenario, if the complaint turns out to be false, then the husband is entitled to divorce.

The alarming increase in the number of divorces in India is a fact that we can no longer deny.