• Defaming me purposefully and causing distress by landlord

I stay in Bangalore/Bengaluru in a 2 BHK house from past 18months, i came to know through this website tenants are facing problems like me all over the country, hence i thought of asking advice by you people as well i would like to intimate the country people to to be aware about bad landlords.

01. I am paying rent through cash but deposited in to our landlords account
02. Water charges also deposited into the same account along with the rent
03. Electricity directly to electricity board

everything on time. but the problem is :

- My landlord is charging me for water what ever they feel like they are not giving us/showing us the bill.
- We are charged extra electricity bill for water pump.
- Apart from that their house and water pump is been connected to my electricity meter.

when they were out of town i came to know that and asked about it. and they told me to deduct the amount but if my bill was 500/- per month they ask me to deduct 100/- per month. apart from that i am giving them 100/- every month extra. I came to know that their house [ground floor] is cross connected to my metre. the fight stated here i have recorded this as audio.

They say we are owners we can do waht ever we want...?
When i asked about to change the meter owner harrssed me stating that if i remove from your meter
you will not get the water is that ok [for entire 2 floor building same tank if i dont get the water nobody gets it].
later they asked us to vacte forcefully, later they came and gave Dhamki stating that if you dont vacate we will remove and throw you house holdings out side and send you out. my mother is not knowledgeable she is worried about our respect.

later on day we heard that next door lady telling them do not leave any evidence with him we will make him as rowdy and send him we should safe. so that lady educating and them made a team and oner day they called me on the road started fightig with me saying that i have paid an advance to them you have to vacate [we are already vacating but these people forcing everyday]. i told her if you have paid the advance to her you have to talk to them i dont know you and they are the owners you have to contact them. i front of every one on the road next door lady satarted shouting that they are senior citizens you have come to take over the house, and you have niot paid the rent, bills etc. but now rent is adjusted against the advance and we have paid the bills which she does not know. she started defaming me. and they have raised complaint aganist me. but i have all the audio recordings with me. which they are not aware. eeven at police station we have told them the truth and policemen  blasted them and sent.

- In this case they have not handed over the agreement, even though i have asked several times.
- Even though we are vacating without causing any problems to them.
- They are trying to make my family background bad.

can i claim any damages from this case. if yes to what extent, i have seen the haouse, i am vacting and do i have stay here, or can i fight from other house with out handing over thekeys.

Please advice,
Thanks & Regards
Asked 1 year ago in Civil Law from Bengaluru, Karnataka
1) vacate the house and move on in life 

2) litigation is long drawn and expensive proposition 

3) you can file suit for damages but it would take 20 years to be disposed of 

4) even if you file police complaint of criminal defamation under section 500 of IPC it would take years to be disposed of 
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1. For this event only you can not claim any damages.
2. However if you want you can refuse to vacate the proeprty just now so the landlord is forced to file eviction suit which would cause considerable harassment and expenses to evict you through court of law.
3. However if they have abused you publicly you can file case of defamation against them.
4. inform the police anyway about all these incidents.
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There are two options before you.

First one is to send a legal defamation notice to them and seek compensation for their act of defaming yo with their unruly behavior and also obtain an injunction agaisnt them from forcible vacating you other than following the due process of law. 

Second option is to amicably settle the issues, take your advance back and relocate to some other place and start tension free life once again.

The ball is in your court, you can decide based on the gravity of insults you have suffered and the frustrations you were made to face. 
T Kalaiselvan
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since you have already taken legal proceedings wait for disposal of your case 

2) if you have been assaulted by by mob of 20 person file police complaint against them 

3) if you have already filed FIR wait for police investigations to be completed and charge sheet filed
Ajay Sethi
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If they are taking laws into their own hands, the remedy is through police.

Since you have already registered a FIR, you may follow up the matter.

What case have they filed against you in the small causes court?

What is the suit you have filed against them, is it money recovery suit?
T Kalaiselvan
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