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I have Daughter 4.5 Years in age. Both me and my wife are working.

I have filled a Divorce Petition (on the basis of Desertion – More that 4 Years ,  Cruelty) Done by my  wife.

Just at the beginning of the case I requested the Judge to send this case to mediation center, which he did. 

This was done keeping in view that in case any mutual settlement comes in to picture.
As a result: My wife has asked me that how much amount of Fix deposit I can do for my daughter so that she agrees for divorce.

In my divorce petition I have already agreed to support my daughter.
I am willing to make a good handsome amount of FD in my daughter’s account.

Issue Pending is regarding visitation rights.
I need some visitations rights like in Monthly, Quarterly or yearly what so ever in the best interest of My Daughter.

And My Wife dos sent wants me to see my daughter through out my life, which I think is inhuman .
In My View this seems Blackmailing!
Please help me in taking any decision?

Asked 3 years ago in Civil Law from New Delhi, Delhi
As a father the right to visit your daughter cannot be snatched from you. It is indeed inhuman to deprive a child of love of his/her either parent. You can enforce your rights to visitation by filing a case for child custody in the event of your wife refusing to allow you to meet your daughter. Your rights will be upheld by the court.
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