• Resale property Documents (Transmission)

I wish to purchase a resale real estate property (flat) in a co-operative society. The property is located in Thane city. The flat is in a co -operative society.
If I buy, then I would be the third buyer
I am purchasing this property from a person named Anand Talreja
My question is related to the documentation of the property owner.
1.	The first owner of the property was Mr. Naresh Khanna in whose name the share certificate is.

2.	The second owner is Mr. Bharatumal Talreja, who purchased this property from Mr. Naresh Khanna in 1995.

Now, Mr. Bhartumal Talreja died instated in 2000. However, in the records of the society he made nominations in name of his wife Mrs. Geeta Talreja(33.33%) and two sons 1. Manoj Talreja (33.33%) and 2. Anand Talreja (33.33%)
Now in 2001, Mrs Geeta Talreja, wife of Bharatumal Talreja, also died.
In 2011, Anand Bharatumal Talreja, acquired the said property by transmission.
He is providing me the following documents
1.	Death Certificate of Mr. Bharatumal Talreja
2.	Death Certificate of Mrs. Geeta Bharatumal Talreja
3.	NOC cum deed of declaration (Duly Notarized) of Mr. Manoj Bharatumal Talreja on Rs 100 stamp paper.
4.	Share Certificate in which the society has transferred the said property in the name of Mr. Anand Bharatumal Talreja
5.	Application for Membership & Transmission by the Heirs of the deceased member of the society u/s 30. Of the MCS act 1960
6.	 Application for membership by the Heir of the Deceased Member of the Society.
7.	Indemnity Bond (Signed by Manoj Talreja and Anand Talreja) on Rs 100 stamp paper and duly notarized.
8.	Affidavit on Rs 100 Stamp duly notarized and signed by Mr. Manoj Talreja and Anand Talreja
9.	Copy of theadvertisement given in the newspapers (One national and one regional)
10.	Copy of the society maintenance receipts in the name of Mr. Anand Talreja
11.	Declaration under U.L.C duly signed by Mr. Anand Talreja
12.	Mr. Anand is in possession of the original share certificate that is currently in his name. He is also in possession of original transfer agreements

I have spoken to the secretary of the society and he has told me that there is no litigation going on in the name of the property.
Let me know if the documents are clear and should I go ahead and purchase this property
Homratz Wadia
Asked 3 years ago in Property Law from Thane, Maharashtra
ask Mr monoj talreja to execute deed of relinquishment in favour of anand talreja . unless deed of relinquishment has been executed by manoj he continues to  have  share in the flat
Ajay Sethi
Advocate, Mumbai
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