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I am married for last 3 years now. I continued to work for 2.5 years even after marriage, then my in-laws including my husband forced me to leave the job and manage the house. Until I use to earn I wasn't dependent on my husband for anything, however after they made me leave the job, I had no money for myself. My husband has always given the major share to his family and gave me a share that is enough for survival, however whenever I think of doing any activity that doesn't meet the definition of survival or falls under the category of leisure according to him, he is advised by his family to not let me do that activity. He makes me cry for every penny and has been threatening of leaving me every time I ask him for more share.

We are married for 3 years but we still do not own a house because every time we plan to buy a house  my mother-in-law and sister-in-law forces him to buy a house on their name and where they stay not in the city where we stay on rent. We don't have any savings because everything that we could save has been taken away from us by his parents saying the money would be useful for our future but every time we ask for a help from that saved money they would ask a deadline by which we would return the money. I am not sure if I get any right over my husbands money or not but the only thing I wish is to start a living a life and having children, which doesn't seem a possibility with the kind of money share that my husband leaves with me.

Request your assistance to understand, if there is anything that can be handled legally as I am done with making him understand morally that he needs to keep money with us, so that we can start our family.
Asked 3 years ago in Family Law from Pune, Maharashtra
Religion: Hindu
 it is really sad that the condition gives you limited options as you are still living with him. Legally speaking since you are with him and he is providing you the food and shelter, you can't ask for maintenance. 
Now if you wish to have a family and continue to be with your husband as you think he loves you, handle it with carefully, first of discuss your future worries with him, inist him that you need to start your family, to bring a child into your life, so make him understand the necessity of having your own home.  Tell him that if he continues to support only his family you will have to stay separately and think about a divorce as your future is at stake. 
 If nothing works to get him to listen your demands, stay separately and ask for a divorce, with alimony. You have the options to file a case under domestic violence act in a district  magistrate court,  and for maintenance , it can be filed in a family court or in a magistrate court . 
Adv.Treasa G Mathew
Thresiamma G. Mathew
Advocate, Mumbai
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