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hello sir;
I am rajeev from indore. my friend name sushil age 29 .he is in mp police as constable(indore) and one girl name pooja,age 30 .she is also a constable(satna). and she belongs to our family relation. the fact is that they had both talked with phone from six month.  and in 2 march 2014 , physical relation has occured between them. after 20 days she told to him and insisted to marriage. but sushil told to her if our famiy agreed we will marry. but finally family has refused their proposal. and sushil reduced to talked with her by picking her call and she told if he will not marry , she will registered a case of rape and dowry.means now she wants to take revenge and making pressure to marry. and she registered a case of rape on 26 april 2014 and told that she is having evidence condom i.e he used at that tym and single hair.(not confirm that all she is having or not) but if she feels that a case of rape so why she registered case after 1.5 month, why she had not register case after 2 days or a week from 2 march. means she is blackmailing to him and wants revenge.second thing is that in her first complain application on 16 april 2014 she has written that only she saved almost and sushil is not a good person.he is a double dealer but not mention any kind of physical relation or rape and dowry. but after one week she again submitt another application and mention that sushil done rape. so in first application and second applicatio, she used different thing so plz suggest me what should we do. girls parents also wants to stop the case and they are in favour with us and everyone trying to convience her from both families.but she is not agree and said she wants revenge.
and S.P police told to both that its a case of department so it is good to compromise otherwise both you will suffer.

so what we have to do now, means if we go with law so we are in safe side or not. and i want to know if she is having condom dat used in 2 march. so there any detection will out dat condom used by dat person.

i have a question - we have tried a lot even S.P of police told to her to take return her statement but she is not agree. she behaves like the case which is showing in television now a days. and she wants to take revenge. sushil  have phone recording where he earlier told to her told to her dat his parents talked to other family for his marriage n she said ok i have no problem u can. but after few days she told dat she wants revenge and registered a case. in her first aplication she said dat she saved almost and sushil is not a good person.he is a double dealer but not mention any kind of physical relation or rape and dowry. but after one week in her second aplication she said she was raped by him. n she's having one month old condom. so i just want to know she is saying dat she' having his one month old condom and saying she is having evidence of rape i.e condom. so this shows any kind of rape means if she present his condom so it will create any problem. 
please advice me n help us....  :(
her family is ready to stop the case.. we also offer money and they said ok we will try to convence her.. but is not ready to listen anyone. means she is doing like abnormal. her family said what we can do, if she is not agree.. they support us.. and sushil 2nd phase training is going to start after one week. so let me know is there any kind of issue will arise dat affect his job????
Asked 4 years ago in Criminal Law from Indore, Madhya Pradesh
In the court she wont be able to prove her charges for there are so many lapses  proving rape based on condom is not so easy but positively it would not be good for both the parties even at their departmental proceedings/trainings/posting etc.Its always better to settle it .feel free to call for details.
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I answered your query a few days back. You should revisit the same wherein I have mentioned that condom does not prove rape as it proves intercourse alone. If the girl has filed a charge of rape then she shall have to prove it in the court. Since your friend is a government servant he may be suspended if FIR is filed against him.
Ashish Davessar
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1. I think I have seen this query before,

2. Rape case can not be established in the given circumstances.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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