• 498a and divorce

i am an hindu, i dnt no by mistake in the previous question it came as musilm.. am an hindu and my husband is also hindu

hello sir , am an graduate my marrige was held on 1st  june 2013, after the marrige for 1 week my husband and my in laws treated me well. after that they started harasing me mentally by using filthy languge for more dowry . at the time of marriage my parents have give 6lakhs dowry and 25tulas of gold and 1kg silver and all the marrige expenses were spent by my parents only... but   after a week i came to know that they are not happy with wat my parents have given them.. so told me ask my parents for more for  which i have rejected so they started beating me and abusing me and my family for 3 mnths i have  not told my parents about all these things bcoz i am the only child for them.. they never allowed me go out or talk to anybody .. it was just like a prison.. unable to bear the situation i have taken sleeping bills .. and serious condition i was hospitalised by my husband.. he only paid the bill just to save them selfs.. and after i regained my conciseness my husband 1st came to see me told me that am sorry for all that  happend here aftr we will stay happily.. dont give any statments againt me or my family so that it effects our lifes ... like fool i have belived his words and given the statmnt that due to my educatn pessure i have comitted sucide... after the statmnt  they have left alone in the hospital and informed my parents ... and took all the medical bills in favour of them and aftr my discharge they have not taken me home... and for almst 5 mnths i stayed with my parnts and during this 5 months he nevr called me or txtd me .. i only use to call him but he use talk in a rude way
and one day he came to my place alng with some elders brought some papers told me that if u want join me u have to sign these papers .. papers consisted of my sucide matter and  all the thing sagaint me which were all false aligations.. so i told i will not sign but my parents told me just its printed matr no need to worry sign and rejoin ur husband
after that a week later he took me to my inlaws palace.. and again they treated me like a slave daily my husband use to beat me and my sis in law(un married) also used to beat me .. did not alow me to call to my parents .. they did even given me food for a week and locked me in aroom.... and 10 days later my husband beat my severly and made me to sign on black papers and in a car they forcebly took me to my home and throughd me in front of my house... my parenst took me hospital and i was hospitalised for a week .. and we have filed 498a case and my husband and inlaws were remaned for a week.. and after that they came out on bail... chrgesheet was filed where in my husband my inlaws were found guilty.. 
i dnt want to leave my husband please help me  wilk the 498a case leads to divorce?
Asked 7 years ago in Family Law
Religion: Hindu

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Hello.. As you have filed 498a, your husband might be furious to take counter action and keeping this in mind he can move the petition for 13(1)(a) in court..Though contested divorce takes time . I am shocked to read your last line you still want to be with your husband after so much of cruelty . This is my personal suggestion to you plz don't go for that place or men who doesnot let you like with dignity. Rest is you call..take care...thank you..

Preeti Joshi
Advocate, Gurgaon
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