• Applying to a Govt. Job without claiming current service period which is under probation

Dear Sir,
I am working in a Govt. Of India Autonomous organization. Present I am under probation for 2 years & I got PRAN number also for my NPS. Before that I got 8 years experience in another private organization. Now I would like to apply for a better position in Govt. sector based on my 8 years 
experience in private sector i.e. without claiming the current probationary service in Govt. Why because, during probationary period NOC is not provided. In this case, once if I selected, I will resign to my current job (probationary service ), will join in new Govt. Organization. 1)Is it correct thing to accept by recruitment authorities? 2)What will be the roll of generated PRAN number in the new organization?
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As per law you can just have one PRAN in the same way as you can have one PAN.

Therefore, you can not hide this probation period.

The PRAN number is easily transferable between the departments.


Anilesh Tewari
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1. It will be highly risky for you to take this venture of hiding the fact of your working with a govt. organisation now. The recruitment authority also will not agree to accept your candidature since what will you say about your employment after you resigned from the Pvt. Company working there for 8 years?

2. If by any chance you manage to get the job after suppressing the fact that you are working presently with a govt. Organisation which yoi have suppressed from them, you run the risk of loosing the job if the said fact is detected by your said Govt. Employer even after a long year of working there and you shall not get any benefit from them and will nevelrget any job in any govt. Organisation in your life.

3.PRAN No. has been generated for the NPS which you have done voluntarily which your employer may not come to know ordinarily. However, it will not be prudent on your part to take such a high risk and suppress the fact for getting the Govt Job as stated by you.

Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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When appointment is procured by a person on the basis of forged documents, it would amount to misrepresentation and fraud on the employer and, therefore, it would create no equity in his favour or any estoppel against the employer.

Hence, serious disciplinary action can be taken against you for suppression of such material information.

You may even be blacklisted from applying from any government job in future, therefore, it's a very risky endeavour.

P. S. PRAN number cannot be changed.

Siddharth Jain
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You are seeking employment based on the previous 8 years experience, but what about the break in service, how are you going to show that while claiming experience of previous service?

The PRAN and NPS can be continued through the new employer also, but that is at a later stage and not at the time of recruitment.

If you decide to forego the benefits of the existing NPS, you may not pursue the same and can get a new number also

1 If a person resigns from his service(Government), we may assume, he will do it only for a better opportunity. If yes, consider the following cases.

Case I: If he resigns to join in a central govt service, simply he needs to transfer his PRAN no to his concerned treasury/DDO/Department by filling up a ISS-I form(Inter sectoral Transfer). (e.g. Assam Govt > Postal Department, GOI). Or vice Versa. (e.g. IIT Guwahati > Education Department, Assam).

Case II: If he resigns to join another department, simple, Just transfer his PPAN no to the concerned Treasury. (e.g. Police Department(Home) Govt Of Assam> Forest Department, GOA.

NPS is a pension system which offers financial security after retirement to a person (not only opened for Government service holder but for all the citizen of India). So one should not think about withdraw it before attaining the age of retirement.

T Kalaiselvan
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