• Drug addict as Professor in Central Govt. College

Sir, My cousin is a drug addict. He started to do drugs in college. He started with Ganja and shifted to Heroin. In 1988, he joined as a lecturer in n Central Government Engineering college in Tamil Nadu. He used to take Heroin injections in his staff room, under the fearlessness that Police canot enter a Central Govt. college unless called by the Director of the college.

In 1989, I joined the same college as a student and the said Heroin addict was my faculty too, teaching me. Every faculty in the central govt. college knew that he was a Heroin taking drug addict but no one complained.

In 2013, this Heroin addicting cousin of mine, became estranged with me. He started threatening me through facebook under the guise of the profile of his wife. I have his threatening mails stored with me.

When I made enquires with the Central Govt. college faculty, they told me that this drug addict found the Lord Jesus Christ in 2012 and he had left heroin injection and that he has now switched to Cocaine which he takes orally. He is also currently a chain smoker and a heavy drinker.

I complained to the Registrar of the Central Govt. college that the drug addicted professor was threatening me. They passed on my complaints to the Police and the Police sent me a CrPc asking me to send information as to when he was taking drugs so that they can catch him. I replied that since I was sitting 700 kms away from him, I have no idea to find when he will be taking drugs.

On my repeated requests the Chief Vigilance officer of the Central Govt. Institute replied to me over phone that he had taken the blood samples of the drug addicted professor and that it has come out negetive and that hence he was closing the case. I asked him if he inspected the Heroin injection marks in his wrist and neck to which he replied that those might be some other marks and that he will not inspect it.

Also it is proven that this Heroin drug addicted professor introduced Heroin to one of his cousin and that cousin contracted Hepa in 2001 and died. This can be contributed directly to the Heroin drug addict. Also in 1988, This drug addict and a group of his friends went to a river bank to consume Heroin drugs. After consuming Heroin drugs, one of the friends stepped into the river and was washed away. Since powerful people were taking Heroin there, the police report was hush hushed.

In the past two years, I have been complaining through Public Grievance portal to the Central Govt. that this Heroin taking professor was not fit to be in central govt. service as he is a drug addict and that as per CCS Service rules of 1964, he was not entitled to a Govt. job or a pension but since this involves the reputation of the Central Govt. college, the Registrar of the institute maliciously closes the complains with nonsense replies.

How do we trap this drug addict who is not fit to be in Central Govt. Service?
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3 Answers

1) file RTI application with registrar as to what action has been taken on your complaints

2) complain to HRD ministry that college is not taking action against drug addict profession inspite of repeated complaints

3) if no action is taken by HRD minstry file writ petition in HC for action against the professor

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1. Legal provisions have not been enacted to trap anybody i any way. Law is for seeking justice and remedy.

2. It appears that you have two matters to address. One is his threatening you through face book under the guise of his wife and the other is his taking drugs while being in teaching profession and working with a Central Govt .College.

3. You can lodge a police complaint about his threatening you seeking justice and protection.

4. You have already lodged complaint to the College authority about his taking drugs in public interest. You can now file a public interest litigation against the college authorities for not taking any remedial measures to stop his taking drugs or for removing him from teaching profession.

5. Form your petitions it should not be smelt that you are complaining about his taking drug due to vengeance for settling score on him due to your already existing animosity.

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If you are so much worried about your cousin's activities and if you feel that this is directly affecting you in any maner, you should either narrate the incidences that have harmed you i the form of a complaint with the police as well as to the college authorities simultaneously, of if you are doing it in a god faith, then you must produce evidences to support your report agaisnt him on order to maintain peace and harmony in public preventing them from this contagious person.

Without any such concrete and substantial effort, it may not be possible to book him under any law especially if he is enjoying support and patronage of the authorities concerned at his background.

You take the help of like minded people and with the support you may penetrate inside to get him outside.

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