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In laws of my sister alleged that she has done suicide, As per her in laws, she jumped into the river at 9.20, and someone saw her body just 500 meters away floated at 9.30 immediately, after she jumped, when her in laws reached at the spot at 2.30 pm then they called the diver diver came up and said that if body crossed this place at 9.30 then it will be around 45 km away from here, and they found the body exactly at 45 km without much effort , even diver proved to be the astrologer not the diver because he found the body without even searching her. her body traveled 45 km in just 6 hours, whereas we have checked the velocity of water is just 5 km per hour and body can not travel 45 km in that span of 6 hours.


That they killed her and threw the body at 45 km away and immediately recovered it. after that they prepared the story.
My specific questions are 

 1.) As per the Modi s MEDICLAL JURIS PRUDENCE , is it possible that body starts floating immediately after jumping into the river or death. and keep flowing on the surface of the water in next 6 hours continuously.(Most important)
2.) how strong can our case be on above grounds
3.) What evidence we should have to strengthen our case and prove the above doubt.
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1. Your case is very strong indeed. it is not clear what is the status of the case. It s not clear either whether FIR is registered and the sections changed agaisnt the accused persons.

2. if you think that the actual offenders are are spared or proper murder charges are not applied against them you can seek legal recourse including apply for re-investigation.

3. if the lci policed is found to be most inefficient or corrupt you can file writ petition in high court for fresh investigation by new investigating agency including CBI/CID.

Good luck

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human dead body initially floats on water due to the buoyancy created from the air remaining inside its lungs. Once this is replaced by water, the body begins to lose its buoyancy and eventually, sinks. This is followed by a subsequent bacterial decomposition of the organic matter in the body which tends to produce gas (or gases) as a by-product. Due to these produced gases, the dead body regains its buoyancy, and hence, rises up to the surface.. to find the body takes lot of time and effort and diver cannot know exact spot where body could be found .

2) body cannot float in water continuosly for 6 hours . as mentioned herein above once water enters the body it sinks . it rises to surface subsequently after decomposition

3) it does cast doubt on story of in laws

4) you will have to examine medical experts to strengthen your case

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After a mammal like we human are die, the bacteria who normally are present in the gut will get beyond the walls of the gut into the abdominal cavity, because the cells of the intestines are damaged by death. These bacteria will start the rotting process and produce gasses like methane, hydrogen sulfide, CO2, making the torso bloat, and by lowering the specific gravity of the body as a whole under that of water will cause the body to float.

Drowning victims often don't actually inhale any water. They effectively asphyxiate themselves as their airway reflexively won't open in the presence of water. Even if water is inhaled, you really need only a tiny amount to do you in. There is plenty of air left in the lungs to keep you afloat. However, if you're deep underwater when you die, or there is a strong current, you're body will stay underwater due to the weight of the water above you being greater than your buoyancy, or the current moving you faster than you can float back to the top. In this case, you'll stay down until gasses in your body are enough to float you back up.

From the above it can be very clearly observed that the person who dies of drowning cannot float in the water immediately after death.Thus the police story appears to be a concocted one.

Your case that she has been killed long back and thrown into the water may hold good and strong

As far as evidence you cannot have one beyond the police investigation into the case. Your evidence may not be supported by police statements if the police are hell bent to protect the accused.

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