Hi,i was working in Pvt ltd firm and heading branch,During my tenure one employee under me done fraud and company caught her and terminate.After investigation it was proved that i was not evolved in it .I achieved my all targets but company hold my incentive and increment.I was harassed,demotivated and gone to mental toroma.When i asked why it happened with me .They answered because of past,we did it.When i asked atleast released my incentive thats was right,i achieved my targets.But no answer.However Company created situation in front of me,where i am not able to see my carrier and future.I Resigned from my organisation given one month notice and done complete handover process.In notice period no one from HR department and my manager sent any formal mail and asking you have to serve atleast two month notice.I dont want to leave the organisation but company created situation.During that period i went to depression also. Today i received letter by company now they hold my notice period salary also.Asking you didnt serve 2 month notice which was mentioned in your appointment letter. I agreed it mentioned in appointment letter but i was not able to see my carrier and future.I was harassed and feeling demotivated day by day. I would like to ask from experts,can i file against my company harassment case. Please advice