False charges under IPC 406/420/467/468/471 against my mother

It's been two years a customer of my brother falsely charged my old mother and brother with section 406/420/467/468/471 My brother has a franchisee of a Company (let's say X) with my mother's name, during the business transactions brother had given a cheque to his customer of rs 7lac which got dishonored due to insufficient fund. Though my brother made a commitment to the customer that he will pay the money soon but customer logged FIR against my brother and mother. In his FIR customer mentioned that my brother and company X cheated him together, he had invested rs 20lac to buy a property for the payment of which he has transferred 13lac to the company X account and remaining 7 to the franchisee account that my brother has with my mother's name but my brother did not send that money to the company X when he asked to give his money back company X and my brother started procrastinating and later gave him a cheque that got dishonored. He had filed two cases: First against my mother and brother and company X under IPC 406/420/467/468/471 Second against my mother (because cheque was given with her name/signature) under IPC 138 NI Act My brother got arrested for few days and got bail from session court but we did not present the mother in the court because of fear of getting arrested. Later in their charge sheet police took Company X name back perhaps, they have got some money from the company. What we should do now and is there a way we can save our mother from this matter as she did not even know anything about the business, help please.