I am not lived nor relationship with my eldest son and his wife

I am a 72 years old, ex govt. servent living with my wife, youngest son(44 Years), daughter in law and 2 kids - granddaughter and grandson. I am suffering from diabetic, High blood pressure since 26 years hemodyalisis(weakly thrice ) from past 3 years and single eye vision only, continuous under treatment from the nearest hospital . My wife is almost bed ridden due to less calcium in her body and underweight. I am taking very less pension not sufficient for my living. But my youngest son & his family looking quite good. My eldest son 46 years old passed away 6 months before, he was worked in a private company with good salary, lived with his wife and daughter in the same city about 10 kms away. After the funeral thithi etc., in my house (2 months later) she came and asked me to live in my home which is my own property (not ancestors property ). But I refuse to allow her to my house because, after my eldest son marriage, she won't agreed to stay with us and till today she never look after us for any things. Then she send a Notice through an advocate. I am replied thru an advocate that I am not in the position of looking her, and she can work earn in the same company, they are ready to give a position with salary. Now a Notice has came by police to attend the JMFC court that is of Domestic Violence Act 2005. A case against me for Domestic Violence. I want to know that, is this case applied to me for Domestic Violence, in which I am not lived nor relationship with my eldest son and his wife and child after marriage.