Dowry case

I got married in 2013. My father gave 22 lacs as dowry to my husband and in laws. I was doing job before marriage and my husband knew that i have some personal savings. He took that from me saying that I need to deposit some amount to the landlord of the house. After six months of my marriage I came to know that my in laws have huge amount of loans on them and my husband took personal loan from his company to pay that loan. They started embarrassing me over little things. I was not allowed to keep a maid in a city like Mumbai. I was forced to search for a job and when I got a job they that salary from me. After one year I gave birth to a girl child and then things become worst. When I first told my parents that in laws are under huge debt they tried talking to my in laws that resulted in my husband beating me up. Again this year my husband beated me like anything. My father got very angry and asked me to come back home. It's been 2 months my in laws and husband has not tried to contact any of us. My father is trying to seek some legal help but every lawyer is saying that you would not get anything back. No money, and and your daughter and granddaughter will suffer in the whole process. We are very worried and tensed . Even though my father gave them money through RTGS the lawyer is saying how will you prove that this much amount you have earned since my father is a government employee. Please help us with providing some advice in how can we get our Money back.