Child custody and divorce

Sir, I got married on Feb 8th 2012 with an NRI as per Hindu marriage act with huge dowry and completely done as per the Hindu Religious rites and customs prevailed in the community.I came to USA in May 2012. My married life goes on and i have two baby girls who are USA Citizens ,1st babygirl is 3 years and second baby girl is 2 years.I came to India suddenly as my mother expired in car accident on june 17th 2016 . My H4 VISA also got expired Without stamping. My husband is having H1. Before coming to India he promised me that he will take us back to US within 6months.But he did not come and on top of that he avoided my calls and also my mails.I waited for more than 6 months . As he doesn't support any documents,i dont have any idea how to come to US with kids.As my mother got expired and my father is not a healthy person and with two small kids my situation here is very bad.I request you to pls consider my problem and kindly help me to come out of this. Her father didn't send any money for maintanance i troubled all ways,i an his friends and relatives tried convinance but he's negligence only reason is baby girls both ,pls give me any helpful suggestions thanking you sir,