termination settlement

I am Rajagopal,basically keralite,but settled in himachal pradesh. Last september i contacted an organization in bengaluru who offered me a job as a communicative english trainer. I went to bengaluru to attend training,and it was not a training. After two days i was sent to kerala,to alapuzha district,kayamkulam municipality to teach in a private school where they have a contract. I started and after a few days,they started alleging favoritism from my part to school. They said to get a job in school,i.leaked out management secrets to the school chaiman. And when the allegations were extreme,i had to write an apology letter siting that the school.offered me a job. I did and the same day i was sent to bengaluru to.explain the same to top management. In kayamkulam while i was writing apology they took my phone,erased all data from it and handed over to me at the railway station. I went,explained and once again wrote an apology. They said i was forgiven and i came back. But again i was interrogated on the aspect of what are the detail i revealed to school management. I said what all i talked with the management,but they were not contented and the next day they went to school,showed my apology letter and school denied any such plan to accommodate me with them. I got the news and told me that they are all disappointed with me,i am a cheat,i talked bad about the management through my chat messages,(which they read with out my permission) and said i cannot continue with them. Told me