Non payment of salary beach of trust

Dear Sir, I was appointed in a construction co RSC lTD in 2011 wef from 18/01/2011on senior position as Project Coordinator(DMRC Project).I was being posted at Raj. & being paid up to Nov 2014 .Dec14-March15 still not paid. In feb15 month which is amounting Rs.10.77 lacs (salary & my expenses on record in ledger) i was being instructed to look after other project work due to project completion & site demob position final billing & disputed issue etc With client DMRC. Here pl take note TDS deucted from my source for two consecutive year 13-14 &14-15 not deposited hence demand notice also facing which is arround 15 lacs. When i discussed with management reg, nonpayment of salary then from april15 on ward up to march 16 paid through Same owners other company REPL( here R represent same name as during appointment). TDS for year 15-16 deposited & form16 issued. After that they from theit convinienvce put me in other company name of same owner RFW Consortium where therr two contracts in delhi going on. From april 16 to nov 16 during 8 months only two month salary paid . On asking no satisfactory reply & trying to drag by false commitment. instead of april16 salary thy paid me may salary with the other staff in june & june salary in sep. After that no payment. On mail Finance or HR head requested but no reply in black & white only assurance during personal meeting. .From past 5 months due to NGT *& Client work is almost on hold. I am going to HO to coordinate the things as on site vendors misbehave me. Neither Employer is terminatting nor paying simply decieving by false promise in this case where i should approach legaly labour court high court.. This pending happened due to i am most trusted employee but now it seems they dont want to pay . bY making false promise they are dragging the salary but how can emplyee survived. This is my case but others subordinate fellows also not being paid since 5 months. kindly suggest what is the best way to action. Company is going sick day by day further in our opinion will not be able to do the project in want of fund infusion which they are not intend to do. Regards