Divorce and alimony

Sir my wife is not living with me and is harassing me mentally and insulting me, my parents and my married sisters. 01) Our marriage is 3 years long and I tried to save my marriage but things are not getting sorted out. We have no child and I have spent around 4/5 lacs from my own earnings in IVF treatment and other medical expenses of her. 02) because of disturbed hormone status she is not able to conceive. 03) my mother 69 years is suffering from cancer, father 75 years and my parents are living in hometown and my father is having pension income of 45000 04) Sir is there any law which could save husbands from wife's cruelty and injustice?? 05) what alimony I would have to pay if my income after tax is 56000 and would housing loan deductions and expenses if any I pay to my parents will be considered in considering alimony. 06) her education is MFA (FINE ARTS) and she is from middle class family like me and his father is also pensioner. 07) Our marriage is love marriage 08) I have many mails prior to marriage where she has tried to convince me for marriage Now she is allegating that because of my mental torture she is not able to conceive as it has brought hormone imbalance. If anybody from my family tries to moderate her she accuses them of taking my side. Her parents have brought her to their home and threatening me that they will file FIR against me and my family. Inspite of all efforts to moderate things she is not getting convinced. My question 01) Sir inspite of having not done anything wrong, can I be booked in false cases.? 02) what could be possible alimony in divorce ? 03) what are the possible law that could save me?