Hi My name is rajeev i was married in 2014 and we had a baby boy my wife doesnt take care of my mother who had cancer for the second time and even dont take care of my grand mother also my father is also nomore so iam theonly one for mom and my grand mother my wife does not even perform daily hygeine routine like bathing and brushing the teeth properly i have tried making her understand that please take care of our family but it is all waste so i had send her back to her parental house on 2015 may and need to get seperate from her i have never abused her verbaly or physically in any manner we have done all the marriage expenses and neither taken any thing from her family in form of cash or in any other form instead i have payed her mother 50000 rs to pay her rented house deposit in her bank account i work as foreman in a factory with a salary of 32000 rs as they are not even financially able to take care of my son who swallowed a safety pin at there house and dont even keep the babies hygeine properly they are asking for 50 lack cash and a flat in mumbai as if iam the son of ambanis i myself staying in a rented house and even telling me they will file a 498a against me please suggest me some way out of it how to start the battle