Refund of security deposit

Hi, I am staying currently in Andheri East. My agreement expires on 30th Nov'16 and would be vacating the premises same day. My landlord is charging unnecessary expenses and claiming to deduct the same from security deposit. He is asking for below claims: 1. Owner is claiming for 15 day additional rent. My contract expires on 30th Nov'16 and I had communicated to him on 12th Nov'16 that I do not wish to renew the agreement and that I would accept a PDC cheque dated 12th Dec'16 of entire deposit amount. 2. AC installation charges which he had incurred when previous tenant was staying. The charges would be deducted from my deposit is not mentioned in the current agreement. 3.The flat is on top floor and because of leakage during rains the paint has worn out. He is claiming for this normal wear and tear. 4. He is charging for two filled cylinders expense which he had given to previous tenant. My agreement expires on 30th Nov'16 and have to vacate same day. Thanks in advance. Namrata