Late rent fees

Hi, My tenant has not paid the rent per the date mentioned in the agreement. Per our agreement, in such scenarios I am entitled to charge the tenant Rs. 1000 per day as late fees. However, the tenant is refusing to pay the late fees. The tenant is ok in paying just the rent. This is the second month of lease term, and this is the first time this has happened. The tenant asked for two days of grace period to pay the rent, which I was ok with. Then the grace period increased to 8 days, and finally on 8th day the cheque from the tenant was bounced. I am collecting rent at the beginning of the month. Below is the snippet of the clause from the agreement. "If the said compensation is not honoured or returned dishonoured by the bankers or the same is delayed for any reason whatsoever, the Licensee shall be liable to pay Rs. 1,000/- for such dishonoured / delayed payment per day of delay and if within a period of 15 days from the due date the said compensation along with accruing penalty is not paid off in full, the Licensor shall if deemed necessary can give notice to vacate the said Flat after deducting all dues amount from the Licensee" My questions: 1. Can I give her legal notice to pay the late fees? 2. Can I give her legal notice to pay the late fees and then vacate the house at the end of the month? Appreciate your response. Thanks.