Divorced daughter & unmarried daughter right in father's property

This problem was arrises in our friend's family , they are five( 2 brothers & 3 sisters) brothers & sisters . Among 5; Eldest is the daughter which is happily married, then 2 more sisters followed by 2 brothers (of which youngest Brother got married in 2010). In these 5; Eldest daughter and Youngest Brother are married however, 2nd sister is a divorcee( got divorced within 1-2yrs and came back to parents home with a girl child) with one adult girl child, 3rd sister and 4th brother are unmarried. Their father purchased land and constructed house for his family in 1980. He died without will in 1999 & his wife died in 2001 without will. In this period (1980 to 2001) one of her daughter (2nd child) got married and divorced. Till the New guidelines of Supreme Court, 2015, both the girls(Divorced and unmarried ) and both the brothers were living in their father's house but after this new guidelines; youngest brother has made their life miserable. He has made two sisters with the daughter of 2nd sister to stay in one room( where there are 7-8 rooms in the house and it is 2 storey building) with the permission of using toilets once in a day that too at early morning at 5 am and the other brother left house as the youngest brother's wife has threaten him to be frame in a false case(women related case). These all are well educated and living in a posh colony. On this new guidelines I request a few questions :- * Since both the sisters ( Divorcee and unmarried) who were living with their parents long before their death and this guidelines. Will these sisters can claim their share in the property? * If they can not get share in property as per law, will they get right to live in that house-legally ? * If yes, in what conditions ? As stated above, her younger brother made their live miserable with in human living conditions. * Also, who will protect them ? * If with new guidelines of supreme court, nothing can be done or given to these dependent ladies, what action we take? Please give your value able advice